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shaking headshaking head, and somewhere in the distance, I can hear the healthcare graph crash to the ground........


Emergency medicine u deal with patient who come in without going to there primary doctor, either coz it was an emergency or more coz its free and they cant afford insuarance....u see a variety including trauma, surgery....u do a lot of minor procedures u wouldnt do anywhere else in splinting, incision and drainage...and from a lifestyle point of u there are no 24 hr calls...its shift duty...and very lil follow up
Critical care is of course as paheli said in-patients...with full in patient services and lifestyle wise its a bit more hectic i think...and stressfull...cause u see a lot of morbidity and mortality
thnks sure u'll find ur area of interest...maybe u'll apply to both and then let match decidesmiling face...but we need angels in peds more than anythingnod!
praying4a99--these type of posts are written by stressed out ppl high on something after a really bad fact just by the way the post is written i suspect the writer possibly will do the opposite of what he/she states....or so i hoperaised eyebrow!


Thanks, mukho. Which is more competitive, Cric care or ER?

I have read in some threads that NY state has an upper limit as far as USCE goes, not more than 3/12 or else you're not eligible to apply. Mukho, do you know/can you verify this? There's so much ambiguous info around these days.



ER i have heard are more in demand...
Didnt get the next question actually, paheli....some instis have limits on how many mnths of ur med school training u have done from other institutes and that too, they ask for reasons dont really disqualify for USCE, like observerships...there isnt any upper limit i know least not for residency application....there of course are definite lower limits!! or maybe i am getting the ques wrong...


seriously mukho, your amazing ! I wish we don't lose you when you start your residency


Sorry, mukho, if I sounded vague. I'll try again. I've heard that if you have more than 3/12 duration of USCE, you are not eligible to apply to any[some?] progs in the state of NY. Is this true?

It sounded silly to me, but it's been repeated by a number of people. I still don't believe it fully, though. Has anyone else heard of this? I hope it's just a mean rumor.



What does "more than 3/12 USCE duration" mean?


3 months. I'm sorry, is that what caused all this confusion?


If you have more than 3 months of USCE you are not eligible? Hmm, sounds awkward to me. Isn't USCE like sugar; the more the better! grin


really!! u actually meant that having 'more' than some time of usce i never heard of that...not that i am authority but sounds highly unlikely no?!


Exactly! You're putting it nicely by saying 'unlikely'. I'll just go ahead and say it's 'stupid'. Not the progs, but the jerk who started this. [whoever, wherever, I don't even remember.] Thanks a lot, mukho, you angel.


My 2 cents:
European (Spain) IMG
Step 1: 98
Step 2: 99
CS: Pass on 1st attempt.
1 month observership at Baylor/TCH.

Applied to 30 programs, received 10 IV offers, attended 7 due to time restraints (Jacobi, Maimo, SUNY Downstate, Georgetown, CHOM, Miami Children's and Cincinnati Children's).

Matched at Cincinnati Children's (1st choice) grin

Thank you Prep4usmle!!


congratulations chircharro,

any advice you can share?


Yeah, that would be nice.Thanks, chicharro. And Congrats.



I seriously admire you .. you rock girl

I have checked you post in the match thread and i was qiute impressed by the fact that you get 5 prematch offer . I am curious to the secret behind it ! i have no doubt that you have such an great appealing personality that programs could not resist the idea of having you as part of thier team wink


paheli join me too,i m too there.........rt now preparin for step3.......can u tel me does creighton university program has paeds,do they sponsor h1?????????


rachita wrote:
paheli join me too,i m too there.........rt now preparin for step3.......can u tel me does creighton university program has paeds,do they sponsor h1?????????


And check out their own web site for more info.

Edited by praying4a99 on Apr 30, 2008 - 5:06 PM


Creighton University doesn't have its own pediatric program. However, they have a joint program with University of Nebraska Medical Center. They officially only offer J1 visa.

rachita wrote:
paheli join me too,i m too there.........rt now preparin for step3.......can u tel me does creighton university program has paeds,do they sponsor h1?????????


The thread has been "pinned". Please add all the info you have nod


This question gets asked very often thru PMs, so I thought I'd make it easier. What programs I applied to (those that took old grads, gave visas, mostly University or University Affiliated...also for me score cut offs, Attempts and Post graduation in home country weren't disqualifying....all were not neccesarily IMG friendly). This list is bound to differ according to what a persons qualifications are but some people felt it would be useful so before my ERAS accounts shuts down, here goes...

50 Program(s) Applied To:

University of Alabama at Birmingham Program, Birmingham, AL

University of Connecticut Pediatric Residency Program, Hartford, CT

Children's National Medical Center/George Washington University Program, Washington, DC

Miami Children's Hospital Program, Miami, FL

University of Florida Program, Gainesville, FL

University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Medical Center Program, Miami, FL

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Program, Iowa City, IA

John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County, Chicago, IL

University of Chicago Program, Chicago, IL

University of Illinois College of Medicine Program at Chicago, Chicago, IL

University of Illinois College of Medicine at the Children's Hospital of Illinois at Peoria Program, Peoria, IL

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (Shreveport) Program, Shreveport, LA

Tulane University Program, New Orleans, LA

Children's Hospital/Boston Medical Center Program, Boston, MA

University of Maryland Program, Baltimore, MD

Children's Hospital of Michigan Program, Detroit, MI

Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies/Michigan State University Program, Kalamazoo, MI

Jersey Shore University Medical Center Program, Neptune, NJ

St Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center Program, Paterson, NJ

St. Peter's University Hospital Pediatric Residency Program, New Brunswick, NJ

UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Program, New Brunswick, NJ

Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Jacobi) Program, Bronx, NY

Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center Program, Bronx, NY

Harlem Hospital Center Pediatrics Program, New York, NY

Maimonides Medical Center Program, Brooklyn, NY

Mount Sinai School of Medicine Program, New York, NY

Nassau University Medical Center Program, East Meadow, NY

New York Medical College at Westchester Medical Center Program, Valhalla, NY

New York Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia Campus) Program, New York, NY

New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center Program, New York, NY

New York University School of Medicine Program, New York, NY

North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System-Schneider Children's Hospital Program, New Hyde Park, NY

SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn Program, Brooklyn, NY

SUNY Upstate Medical University Program, Syracuse, NY

SUNY at Buffalo Program in Pediatrics, Buffalo, NY

SUNY at Stony Brook Program, Stony Brook, NY

St Barnabas Hospital Program, Bronx, NY

Winthrop-University Hospital Program, Mineola, NY

Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center Program, Brooklyn, NY

Case Western Reserve University (MetroHealth) Program, Cleveland, OH

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center/University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Program, Cincinnati, OH

Cleveland Clinic Program, Cleveland, OH

Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital/Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

Penn State University/Penn State Hershey Medical Center Program, Hershey, PA

University of Tennessee Program, Memphis, TN

Vanderbilt University Program, Nashville, TN

Baylor College of Medicine Program, Houston, TX

Driscoll Children's Hospital Program, Corpus Christi, TX

University of Texas Medical Branch (Austin) Program, Austin, TX

University of Washington Program, Seattle, WA

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