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 Pediatrics Match Information  

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I request those who matched/prematched this year to please contribute a little time to write down something concerning the entire match process and experience, esp pertaining to Pediatrics. While there's tons of useful info over at Match Support about applying etc, there's very little about Peds per se. Most info was regarding Gen Residency and IM/FP. And, out Peds forum was a little sleepy.

Please do leave us some guidelines on how to go about it this next Match, so that we are as successful as you have been.

Thanks a lot. Good luck with intern year! smiling face

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you saved me the effort! thanks paheli


You into Peds too, angel?smiling face


well i have 1 one more year to think before graduation but sure it's my top choice so far


Well, that's great. You have time to make yourself a better candidate.

It's funny that you and I are conversing here by ourselves. Hope someone who's matched chips in and makes this thread credible! grin




count me in ...........peds 4ever


Ok, it's 3 of us here. Now, let's work at keeping this thread alive, people!

I'll start with a qn for those who're on the other side, erm, who've matched. wink Do you guys have any Peds centric common qns that were asked to you during IVs? Anything to share, please?


a girl from my home country matched peds :
scores 96/97
2006 grad
1 year ped experience home
needs visa
uni of iowa

another girl
no usce
needs visa
2006 grad
uni of iowa

a guy
2005 grad
2 year ped exp home



I matched at Uni of Oklahoma, oklahoma city.
2003 grad
9 month observership in IM
Research work in IM
90/90/CS 1st attempt


hi guys,
peds has indeed been a bit slow this yr but i think lots of ppl have done really amazing stuff, so go for it!
at the risk of repeating myself, let me pen down somethings i noticed ( coz am sure i must have mentioned the following stuff somewhere but still...)

Firstly its a long process, even for the most focussed and supported a year is minimum...3-4 exams, miles of papers work, travel abroad if ur outside US, isnt quick or simple...however it can be, with some luck and the right attitude, a lot of fun. So make up ur mind first, that u will dedicate this time and effort.

Secondly why peds...i was already a pediatrician and my aim was to get speaciality training beyond general peds...and doing a repeat resdiency was fine by me so peds was the obvious choice...for me US was a academic desicion not a lifestyle issue, so i applied to only peds...mostly only to programs i could visualise myself in for nxt 3 yrs

Score, of course, is important, not everything but still important....even step3, if u do take it before Rank order list gets finalised, a good score always helps

Application-go thru it over and over again....ask seniors to share their's with u...presentation and content both are spelling mistakes...think up of all good u ever did and make sure it gets peds, child advocay, NGO experience, public health voluntary work all count...when describing rotations, describe the NICU/PICU...give them an idea of where u got trained ...there seems like the risk of sounding pompous, but better that than being unnoticed...of course tone down the language ..make it sound objective

Statement of purpose--every word gets take on this is , be honest...i mean most people who want to do peds are usually driven by some affection for and stability are there but then they are there in many jobs which we did not chose, we chose this... so go deep into ur own psyche and find out why u did...then write it down, if any of u have kids do mention how that affects u as a prospective pediatrician...

USCE---if any doubts how important this is, let me tell u...its very very very importantsmiling everyone u ur country people, distant contacts and arbit names...anything, but get that experience....for peds, i got the feeling getting into Intensive care observerships was easier than the floor. When doing it get more than just academic experience ..try to get a feel of stuff that is the crux of US health system.. medicaid, foster care, social workers...whose job is what and how it gets done...what are the current issues...get a feel of medical problems that maybe u didnt see in ur country incase ur not from US...sickle cell, cystic fibrosis in my case....all this makes u more confident to discuss what ur experience was like in observerships at the Interviews

LORS--work during observerships, give smthing for consultants to put down in ur LOR when they write u one...only thing worse than not having US LORs is having a lack lustre one

IVs- peds questions i got asked were mostly pertaining to my residency in India; those that i remember specifically from peds were---a case where u were dissapointed with urself; case that taught u something profound bout medicine; why peds---(and coz u will end up saying u love kids at some point of the conversation , nxt ques will be how do u deal with loss of life of such kids); what aspect do dislike about peds; any subspeciality choice....also keep ur questions ready...more than 50% of interviews are based on what u have to ask them

Correspondence--starting from when u start contact with programs, whether thru emails, phone calls, interviews or second u carry urself matters...besides being polite be intelligent and frank...peds ppl are in general nice and friendly...the parties are very relaxed...all u have to do is actually relax and have some fun...enjoy the travelling , the exploring and it will showsmiling face

Traveling--i had relatives in US and so it was much easier for me than it will be many ppl who go there alone or based on friends...well internet is ur friend, philosopher and guide...refer to it obsessively...i am a bit of a control freak, but even o/w i would chart out all details of my travel before leaving for an interview...the flight, how to get from airport to hotel, which hotel, hotel to IV site, how back to are great for directions, yahootrips/expedia/motel6/supershuttle...all good travel sites...when u get a call and if they provide a hotel, book as soon as possible...carry eatables with u, granola bars, cereals and hot chocolate sachets kept me alive for extended periods of timesmiling face....i always traveled with all my luggage as hand luggage, but then thats just neurotic megrin!
Well, hope some of this helps...
All the very cant have enuff pediatricianssmiling face


Thank you so much mukho! amazing post


Awesome, mukho!nod I'm so impressed with the ton of practically useful stuff up there, that I find myself wordless!

How would you rate the competition in general? It prolly wasn't very worrysome for you, due to your additional Peds degree, and your scores. But, how would it be if you were to see it from the shoes of someone who's going to do their first Residency i.e. without years of Peds experience?

Thank you.smiling face


well...worrisome is an understatement...i received rejection from 34 places remember! I wasnt even eligible to apply in scores of programs because either i wasnt a fresh grad (and the MD doesnt count btw) or i didnt have hand on experience or i didnt have long enuff observership...whatever happened, was i think the result of my parents good deeds (cannot be mine i'm afraid!)...every possible alternate was possible ...let me state some general examples...
i have a friend 99/99/pass with a MD peds (same batch as me in fact), applied a bit late, had 5 or so IVs...didnt match
i also know one old grad (even more than me)...MD from home country, 88/86/pass...3 IVs...matched
98/99/pass/80...fresh grad...did MPH from US, no USCE...applied to both IM &Peds...26 IVs...did all...matched at #2
86/88/pass...old grad...DCH from India...4 IVs...matched

all of these and many more illustrate what after much hrs of contemplation we all have decided...Peds isnt a fall back anymore...but it remains very possible...upto the getting of interviews, scores, application etc matters...from there onwards...its more ur personality and maybe to an extend on ur english than anything else
So if u like peds go for it...glsmiling face


Thanks a lot Mukho smiling face


At least, that 88/86 applicant is encouraging. Congrats to her/him.


First of all, congrats Mukho for your success on the Match. I hope you have a great residency!
Now regarding my application for the match:
2004 IMG Grad from latin america
Need visa, will be going on J1
Step 1:99 July 2006
Step 2CK 99 July 2007
Step 2 CS pass Aug 2007
3 mo observership in US
6 mo research in home country (though it wasn't my own, it got me a nice LOR)
3 US LOR, 1 LOR from peds chair from my med school
Applied to 54 prog, Peds only
No prior residency, worked as a general physician for a couple of years.
Received 13 interviews (in the order that they arrived: Georgetown,St John Detroit, Cook County chicago, Maimonides, Albert Einstein philly, UF Gainesville, SUNY Downstate, Cincinnati, Miami Children, Penn State Hershey, Wayne State, Children National DC, Jackson Memorial. Received 2 more in early to mid december, with only 1 or 2 available dates (which probably means I was their backup grin UAB and El paso)
Received about 20-25 rejects. The rest didn't even bother lol
Attended 11 IV, Prematched at Wayne State

Have to agree with what mukho posted. I'll try to add something else:

Scores are REALLY IMPORTANT. Try to aim for a high grade. Scores might not get you a residency if you blow your IV, but they sure will get you some interviews. I forfeited my 1st app for step 1 because I didn't felt ready for it, and paid the exam fee again. Looking back, I couldn't have made a better decision.
Also very important is USCE. Try to get it in a place you plan to apply in the future. It will make it easier for you to get an interview there later. It can make up for low scores, even. The more prolonged your USCE, the better.
Apply early. This can make a BIG difference. And try to apply being ECMFG certified. If you can apply early to mid september, you'll maximize your chance for interviews.
Try to have a very decent spoken english. This is a personal impression of mine, but a lot of people interviewing out there spoke really fluent English. If you think your english is not fluent enough, try to get it in its best shape before your interview season.
For all the spanish speakers out there, this is VERY nice added perk that you have. Since the hispanic population in USA is quite big, your language skills will be useful and the PDs know it. Then again, this differs from program to program.
Regarding the interview itself, I believe they are mostly low key and very relaxed. I sincerely have no clear idea how do they screen applicants in the IV lol. Try to be yourself (but show enthusiasm, confidence and a little humor). Been just a tad goofy served me in some IVs. Be polite to everyone, even your fellows interviewees.
In the end, the IV is a big part of the process. There is always candidates that have better grades/CV/etc than you. A lot of people might look good on paper, but you have to show your uniqueness and sell yourself. Try to relax, you do get better interviewing with time.

Well that's my 2 cents. Good luck to all future pediatricians out there!


thanks a lot cargue2007

what ur advice to students to optimize their chances of getting into a good residency program. is research for peds worth it?


Thanks very much, cargue. Wow, 13 IVs! That's great.nod Also thanks for the IV tips.

Guys, I have a more gen. application qn for you please. How did you guys choose which progs to apply to? Also, is there any way where you can share negative stuff about progs you know about i.e. the so-called 'malignant' progs, without your getting in to trouble? How do you spot such progs? What are the signs that should trigger our alarm bells when you notice them while IV-ing or even via email/telephone?

Thanks a lot. This is invaluable stuff.


Also, could some of the folks withOUT 99s please post your experience with the Match. No offence to mukho or cargue, I admire you guys immensely. But, I'd really like someone to tell me that Yes, they've done it without 99s.

This year, ~ 42% of non-US citizen IMGs matched succcessfully. That's not such a good number. I wish people would post who were more 'average' .

Thank you.

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