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 any body matched ?  

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also would like to ask about mazingersmiling face


Hey maudoody I matched to and advanced position, but still havent found a preliminary year.. Anyways there are acouple of seats left and a couple of hours left in the scramble..
Scramble is a horrible experience though... I have hope that the pd of the program I matched to lends me a hand finding a position.


you have to contact your PD as soon as possible.
also, there are many prelim surgery spots were open....
be strong and fight hard


mazinger i am very happy for u

congratulations u deserve it and i hope u get the preliminary position

although i dont understand y u r looking for a one while u have matched to an advanced position but it seems important for u i hope u make itsmiling face


Very happy that I matched into UAMS in Anesthesia. I had 2 Ivs in Anes (UAMS and Henry Ford). Fortunate to have matched in my #1. Hope all of you have matched in your respective dream places!


congratulations kram.......this may make one dream of anaesthesia!!!grin


thanks babydoc, maudoody and kram.. I have contacted the PD, no results so far shaking head , I will keep my fingers crossed..


Congratulations kram and everybody else who matched for anesthesia!!

kram, what were your credentials,did you have any usce??


Congrats, guys!
Mazinger: I am so happy for you; I hope you are all set with the prelim!


I already posted this in the match support forum, but I guess this is the place were this news really belong.

FOUND A PGY 1 POSITION!!!!!!!! I am all set then!


to make my post in this forum complete.

finnally matched to my dream anesthesia program in Boston and surgical intern in New York(damned visa issues). The interview is way much stressful. I remember I became more and more depressed after every interview.

Advice for coming applicants: try to communicate with native speakers as much as possible if you are an IMG. only when you talk with them, you will get a sense if you are saying the right thing.

my credentials: 99,98, 3.5 years clinical experience in anesthesia in home country, then 2 yrs clinical research in top hospital in america. 4 posters, one paper just published in Anesthesiology. Working in big name hospital helps, previous experience helps, high score helps, good rol helps. interview is also important, but they will assess you as a complete package.

to get prematch, you need to have something special, something they really want. i know one guy with middle 80s score(even fail once), old graduate, but get prematch from top program, because he has several very nice paper and his research is similar to the chief's research. He also has nice communication skills , i guess.


hi! can someone one please advice me how to apply for preliminary year for anesthesia.

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