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 To New applicants 2009  

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I have a few things to say.

Firstly to BBB..........I truly like you. There are only a few people on earth who are as sweet as you. God Bless you. I may have hurt you. .... Please forgive me. .....and.Please don't set your dogs on me. wink

Secondly to new applicants..............Guys things are getting tough here...Unless your credentials are exceptional please don't apply. Don't waste your Dads money and see his tears when you don't match.........I had to watch my Mom cry when her life savings went up in smoke when I did not match this year.

1) Medicaid funding to teaching hospitals are going to be cut...I don't know what this implies.........It can only be bad news....whether it will translate into a cut in residency positions remains to be seen. BBB please opine.

2) Unless your credentials are exemplary DON'T APPLY.

Like I said before a green card.....high scores.....publications....a post-graduation degree......great clinical experience in a academic institution of repute in your home country....

These are the things that matter....

3) Don't get trapped by people doing research. There are a lot of people who will push you into unpaid positions in working in labs etc and take advantage of you.

I looked around for research positions last year when I did not match. A professor in Mount Sinai Manhattan.lets call her Ms M........she called me up in response to my e mail........she offered me a unpaid post in her lab.........

My responsiblity..............FEEDING MICE.

Yes my make matters worse..........she knew I was Broke and on a tourists visa. Yet she encouraged me to get a job work as an illegal in shops packing crates...washing toilets...the kind of jobs illegals can get........AND work part time in her lab .........Feeding Mice !!!!shocked

Only GOD saved me from her and her evil plans.

I have sadly met people in similar positions who are being used and abused ruthlessly by so called respectable professors in highly respected positions. There is a guy I know who worked in a similar fashion for 2 years and went back unmatched ......broke....... back to his home country.

But if you get a paid position and a visa to boot please do so....its worth the effort.

Believe me..........there are still institutions which have that posts and need people like that and are willing to spend money and sponsor a visa for the same..very scarce....but still out there.

I intend to write a memoir of my experience in this country soon.....Thought I doubt I will get the time.shaking head

3) Please don't stay in any relatives house if you dont know them well enough....I was abused by one of my relatives.....not in "that" way.....just emotionally.......and psychologically......

He told me that he is abusing me because My family did not treat him with the importance he deserved 30 years ago when he came to visit my family. confused

shaking head.......Funny...He had actually invited me to his house so that he may abuse meshocked I was too terrifed and broke to run away. I had only a few hundred dollars with me........Luckinly for me after one month another of my relatives invited me to his house.....But by then it was too late my Step 3 prep had gone down the drain.

I have no hatred for him.....only pity and i have forgiven him.......And I have prayed for him. God has healed my hatred for him.......Its true.... One should pray for ones enemies too...Only goodness will come out of that

Well ........I have many story's to tell about my journey and life here in US.

I have one final thing to say..........GOD Bless America and Its people.

I Pray this country prospers and finds its soul again.

God bless you all...This is one of my last posts If I don't match i will be going back to my country..........this time for keeps.......



Edited by whiterabbit on Mar 15, 2008 - 9:06 PM


white rabbit
my scores are 267 and 264 , need visa J1 , publication in my home country,2007 grad.experience in a well known center home ? apply or not ?


Dear whiterabbit:

I am sorry to read about your ordeal, how tough it was and how, at this point in your life, you can't see any good on it, only the abuse, the money wasted, the unfulfilled dreams. I hope things will get into another perspective as time passes by...

But with the rule "don't apply unless" you are in such and such conditions... I could not agree at all. shaking head Each person knows his reasons for trying. A dream is a dream and sometimes giving up before trying everything one could would kill him inside, more than wasting money, more than wasting time, more than being abused. It's very personal.

I hope you'll be able to compensate your parents for enduring it all with you. Even though they suffered, I am sure they felt good for being able to help you. That's how parents are. I don't think your mom cried for the money. She cried for your situation.Talk to her about it. Say "I'm sorry" if you need to. One day they will need you, too, money involved or not, and you'll be there for them, I'm sure. One day you'll be as dedicated to your sons/daughters as they were to you, they taught you how to love and dedicate.

Just summarizing: nothing is in vain. Even the lost battles are worth ones. Eventually that will sink in. What we want sometimes is not what is best for us, but God knows when, where and why. Sometimes we have the answers down the road, sometimes, we don't... We just need to believe. Maybe it was not for you. But you wouldn't have known without trying.

I am praying for you, time heals and matures (I am not calling you immature, don't get me wrong) and our tendency is to get better and better through the years.

A huge hug, God bless you.



agree with u arelte . very nice words


dear whiterabbit, i can understand how painful it can be if one is abused by someone and is also struggling to be a doctor in the US.the pain is ther sticking with you......but u r a great human in that u have forgiven ur foe...not many souls can do that.......i'm telling u BY GOD'S GRACE YOU WILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ACHIEVE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SURE FOR YOU AND FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN ABUSED! the message is strong-------ABUSE IS WRONG--------THERE'S NO JUSTIFICATION TO ABUSE SOMEONE, WHATSOEVER THE REASON MAY BE!!!---BULLIES!!!!---GET LOST!!!!!!
whiterabbit-----BEST WISHES!!!!!!!!


smiling face
Thanks arlete and praise the lord.

I went to church today.palm sunday....and prayed..and I feel healed. Should have done that 2 days back.....well good luck guys


And Guys Keep voting please for the poll on scramble advisory

Edited by whiterabbit on Mar 16, 2008 - 6:22 PM


I'm feeling so relieved now. You'll never be bitter, dear rabbit, I see you are much greater than that... nod




“Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be.” - Zig Ziglar


smiling face

thanks arlete

Dear dr_ayyad

Its up to you to do your research and make decisions accordingly...........If you got those high you are way smarter than me.....

I did my job of giving my perceptions on a situation which may or may not be applicable to you

GooD Luck


agree with arlete.I have a dream too and I will try my hardest, before calling it quits.


Nice answer, rabbit! smiling face


Hey Whiterabbit
I sincerely hope things work out for you... you have overcome a lot of hurdles - have alot to be proud of!!!
No matter the outcome you have a sound future in medicine - whether thats in america or elsewhere!!!


Arlete you are amazing... always know exactly the right thing to say... I wish you would bottle this ability and sell it to me!!!


OMG arlete Are you going commercial with your sweetness!! rolling eyes


God bless you all



god bless you too WR!


Man honestly if i had a big or enuf room i would have invited you to my state and spend time cos honestly i know the feeling and issues we all have. Didnt see this thread earlier was going through some threads saw it. Dude i wish you the best in life and i do hope God does Bless this Country and its People.

Good Luck Mate.


Thanks mate Ill be going back to India in 1-2 months.

GL to all


hey white rabbit,dont worry boss...u will surely MAKE IT this TIME...!!!ONLY GR8 FIGHTERS FINISH DA RACE WITH GR8 ACCOMPLISHMENTS DUDE...!!!nodgrinwinkV r ALL WITH U....thanks alot for posting ur experience...ALL UR STRUGGLE WILL SURELY GIVE U GUD RESULTS...!!!V will all pray for u...!!!ALL DA BEST...!!!nodnod


CocaCola: I bet you have a lot of that in you, too! It will eventually come out, when the opportunity to use it present itself (and it will, you're a physician!).

Dear rabbit: I won't go "commercial ", I hope I'll go "medical institution"... grin Did that make any sense in English? Take care!


whitterrabit.....there may be a lot more for you in INDIA.....would like to talk to you when u are here. u may mail me on [email protected]">[email protected] and leave your india contact number.

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