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 Cortisol and Glycogen Synth  

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I tried to bring back a thread from last year about cortisol and how it actually causes an increase in glycogen synthesis, but it wouldn't let me b/c it was over 100 days old, so i'm starting it back up again:

cortisol increases blood glucose by 2 mechanisms: preventing uptake of glucose into many tissues so it can be utilized by the brain, and by increasing gluconeogenisis. and yes it leads to glycogenolysis secondarily by permissive action to glucogon and catecholamines, but for some reason it actually DOES increase glycogen synthesis DIRECTLY by activating glycogen synthase. not really sure why this happens, but they've known about this since the 60's (, and there have been many studies since showing this correlation. my guess is that since cortisol has an anti-insulin effect by actually antagonizing insulin receptors (this is the mechanism for glucose intolerance in cushings which can actually predispose to metabolic syndrome/DM), it will be harder for the cell to dephosphorylate glycogen synthase and thus it will favor the active state. i'm not sure if this is the actual mechanism, but it would make sense. its important to remember however that even though cortisol has an anti-insulin effect, in cushings, eventually the high [glucose] will cause insulin to be reved up so much that it wil lead to peripheral muscle wasting and activation of LPL leading to fat deposition (opposite the effect of cortisol) and central obesity. ANY OTHER THOUGHTS???


scratch the latter part of this, not really sure what i was thinking b/c glycogen synthase is active in the dephos state as a result of increased insulin. so i'm really not sure why at all cortisol increases glycogen synthase, but it does. sorry for the confusion.


Which thread from last year are you talking about. Can you post the link so that the Mods can bring it back to life.


yes, it was this one:


justin425 wrote:
yes, it was this one:

Bumped it for you mate



great thanks, i'm just going to paste what i wrote above into the other thread - if you want to take this one down. thanks. j


for the boards

cortisol doesnt increase glycogen systhesis


yea, you would think it wouldn't but if you search the literature, it does.

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