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several, PCT reduce Na reabs, nobody knows how, and relax mesangial cells, to increase filtration.


what's the second messager for it?


my assumption would be cAMP


and cGMP in mesangial matrix


so both?


honestly I am making a gues here, I do not even know the receptor type that responds to ANP, so I am going by action and intrapolating the 2nd messenger.


acts by cGMP-for sure
it seems to be associated with subarahnoidian hmg. and amiloidosis.


ANP....Atrial Natriuretic Peptide.....released once receptors in Right Atrium detect an increase in osmolarity....acts by blocking Na reuptake(therefore the natriuretic affect)in the Distal Tubules.It acts via the cGMP receptor mechanism.I've also read somewhere it also blocks synthesis of of ADH in the hypothalamus or was it ADH release from the posterior pituitary??
I'm not sure of its association with Subarachnoid H'hage and amiloidosis though....can anyone shed any light to this but from what i know it is usually released after an episode of PSVT(Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia)where the patient after an episode of palpitation gives history of mictutition because of the ANP released.

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