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 QT prolongation  

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Other than syncope, arrythmia, torsade, is there any association of prolonged QT syndrome with ischemia?


Not that I know of. shaking head


thank you Arlete.nod


smiling face


QT interval also inversely related to heart rate


but it has nothing to do with the original question... (just found out, sorry!)


Yes, there are a few formulas to correct QT according to the heart rate. The easiest to remember is: QT divided by square root of RR interval.


thats ok taipei.


Long QT is also associated with seizures. In fact a long QT is often mistaken for seizure.


with neuro deafness?


yes, with Neuro Deafness, its called Long QT syndrome...

Its also associated with Sudden Cardiac Death, and the evil Shark wave on the ECG... Brugada Syndrome is another name for it...

In the Literature, Long QT syndrome was associated with nightmares, and the crushing chest feeling one might have during it...Its the Incubus or Succubus of medicine!


Thanks, Icarus.


Brugada syndrome and long QT syndrome are different diseases.


I understand, what I was saying, is that in Brugada Syndrome you also have QT prolongation


Oh, OK. Sorry I missunderstood.

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