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A 41-year-old woman is brought to the emergency room after sustaining a burn in a house fire. She has some evidence of smoke inhalation but is improving with oxygen. Her heart and lung examinations are normal. Her left arm has a 12-cm burn that extends to the papillary layer of the dermis. Which of the following best describes the degree of the burn?
A. First-degree burn
B. Second-degree burn
C. Third-degree burn
D. Fourth-degree burn


Second degree burns. I dont understand what it means by the papillary of the dermis.


explain please


Thats a full thickness burn.. 3rd degree.
ans C.


agree 3rd degree smiling face


Hey..we agreed ance again :-)


smiling face smiling face its good to be in agreement


agree with that :-)


smiling face


me too think it is 3rd degree burn,usmlebuzz plz tell us the answer


allright... 3 for 3 rd degree :-)


Second degree since dermal damage is partial.
Only the papillary and not the reticular layer has been involved.


I agree with Premonition

3rd degree burns shld have complete dermal involvement

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