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 Visa answers from a different forum  

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I dont know if I got this corrrectly bbb...but it seemed to me that , the 1st post of this forum you said it was better to be on a J1 visa if our plans were to subspecialize (meaning, in my understanding, doing a fellowship) because most fellowship programs did not sponsor H1b I right? Is it going to work against me if I pass step 3 and get a H1b visa, do my path residency in 3 years and then want to do a fellowship??? Would I be in better position if I get a J1 and complete my residency and fellowship while on a J1 and then get a H1b when/if I get a job after that???....


im havenĀ“t even passed the CS and I will apply until match 2007...but I just read the post and got me to think.....thnx a lot for your time..greetings from Mexico!


Dear Dr. BBB,

I am currently a 3rd year student at Columbia's MSIH (Medical School for International Health) program. It is based out of Israel with most of our clinical electives taking place at Columbia (in addition to a 2 month overseas externship). To complicate matters further, I am a Canadian citizen. I have read the thread about H1-b visas but still have some questions for you if I may. I understand that completeing all the USMLE steps is required; however, it seems as if some States require you to have "Graduate Medical Education" prior to taking Step 3. MA is one of those states - and Boston is where I am hoping to do my residency training. Comparatively, NY does not require any GME in order to take step 3. If I am set on Boston, how can I be an intern/resident for a year before taking Step 3 and applying for the H1-b? Is there some temporary work visa that can be later switched to the H1-b? And if so, is this conventional? I was always under the impression that I would have to take a year off after med school to deal with the timing issues of ECFMG certification, step3 results, and visas, and so I have started looking into MPh programs. This may not be the case if I plan on doing my residency in Boston and have to go about obtaining H1-b status via some other route. This is my quandary, and your advice would be grately appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


Hi Mr BBB I am on L2 visa and have a valid work permit. I am planning to apply for the 2007 match. Do I have any chance of being accepted for programs that donot sponsor visa, as I already have a work permit. I am worried that programs might reject me saying that if my husband's visa is rejected so will be mine, though there are any foreseeable chances of that. Should I apply to programs and ask for sponsorship for H 1 only. Please guide me.


Hi. my name is Robert and I am a Peruvian physician who
studied medicine and reside in Cordoba-Argentina, I obtained the ECFMG
certification and got 85 in the Step 1, I am married and have 1 child.
My concern is, since I have a green card (U.S. resident) and be cause of that
my wife and child would have to wait more than 5 years in order to get a
permission to reside in the U.S.; what are the chances, to get a visa for them to go with
me since my familiy is very important to me.
Thank you so much in advance. I know this is a very difficult problem but please anything you can say will help


I would like to know if it is safe to go to Canada to convert your visa status from h4to j1? Due to some reason I will not be able to go to home country for visa conversion. What are the chances of risk? Can anyone post the names of lawyers in Canada who does this.Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


No. It's not. We've had residents try that in years past and it's not recommended. They ended up having to go home from Canada and then attempt to come back. It wasn't pretty or quick!



i am doing my eye residency in israel now.

if i do the fellowship only in usa, can i work there? is there a way? or it is possible to work in usa only after having residency in usa.

please somebody respond as this is my big dilema.

what is the situation in canada? somebody knows?



Do you have a visa? Then you can work here. Maybe not as a licensed professional, but you can work here.

To be licensed in your field, you will have to pass the USMLE exams, apply for and be accepted for residency, pass the licensing requirements for the state when you will be working.

Good luck.



i am currently in india. is it true i have to have done my step 3 by march 2007 to have any chance of starting a recidency? like you said, it takes that long to have an H1B visa processed.


is it true i must do my step3 by march 2007 to be eligible for the 2007 match? or is it march 2008? does my having done or not done step 3 affect the number of interview calls i get? am an img and i need to know so i can apply for a visa accordingly.

how long does a visitor visa last?can i have a year long visa? i have a relative in the US. how , and how much can he help me?


You don't need step three for the match unless you are going to an H visa. Then different programs will have different rules. Step three will not affect your interview calls.

I don't have any knowledge about visitor visas - except my visa to South Korea was for three months.


Thanks a lot bbb...... can someone else please reply too?


Great work BBB, thank you for that.

I have one question. I am in USA on F1 Visa, and i will finish my study of MS in december, So if there any problem when I go for interview??
I already completed my step1, Step 2 and CSA with good score!!

Visa status is been changed from F1 to J1 or H1 when I get residency? I am really confused!!! Please help regarding that..

Thanks in advance..


hi dear bbb
im IMG .I TOOK STEP 1 AND im preapering for step 2 ,viam my own university in hungary i got teh observation period of six month in state
i woull like to ask if i come tousa and during these period finish my exams steps 2 cs can i extend my j1 visa from observation scholar to j1 for residency or extend it if the typw of visa is the same ,
im aplying for j1 now


Dear bbb

I have got a postdoctoral position in a hospital in the Bay area. I have been given a DS2019 (J1 approval) form from my recruiter. Even though the form doesn't mention any clause but, from various forums & by talking to a couple of friends, looks like I will be subject to the HRR clause. Currently I am on a H4 and am planning to stay a little longer in this country as my husband is on a H1 and I don't want to get tied by the HRR. I know we can file a waiver after getting the J1, but not sure what is the possibility of rejection of the same.
My recruiter is fine with doing a H1 (under the non-profitable organization clause). This particular clause is exempt from the regular 65,000 visas per year cap.
Now, here are my queries.
1. What is the possibility of getting a waiver on the HRR if a J1 is stamped? and if stamped, how much time will it take for the waiver approval once I apply after say an year of my joining?
2. If this H1 process is started under the normal or expedite process, how much time does it take to get the H1 approval (in both cases)?
3. Would it be safe to file for a fresh H1 visa or get my H4 (my current visa status) status trandfered to H1. In case a change of status is filed, is there any extra formality / fee added? Also, will I get the I-94 stamped with my approval notice?
4. When I get the approval for the H1, will be able to start work immidiately or will I have to wait till Oct'08 (as would be the case for a regular H1)?

Would really appreciate suggestions/advice for my situation. I am planning to hire a lawyer but wanted to do some ground work before that. Thanks in advance!


emd wrote:
hi dear bbb
im IMG .I TOOK STEP 1 AND im preapering for step 2 ,viam my own university in hungary i got teh observation period of six month in state
i woull like to ask if i come tousa and during these period finish my exams steps 2 cs can i extend my j1 visa from observation scholar to j1 for residency or extend it if the typw of visa is the same ,
im aplying for j1 now

No clue - ask an immigration attorney


Dear BBB,

I am new in this forum, but I still want to thank you for helping us so much by answering our questions and giving us good advices. I have a question regarding my visa status. I applied for residency programs in mid October and back then, my visa status was F1 so therefore in my Common Application Form in ERAS I had to check that my expected visa would be "H1, J1 and other". I was already planning to get married to my boyfriend (a US citizen) at the end of this year and we finally did get married last week. We still have to send our application to change my status, get an interview with the US Citizen and Immigration Services, get a SSN and a temporary work permit.

My question is the following: When do I have to change my profile in my ERAS? I know that I have to change my citizenship and expected visa part. I think my new status will be conditional permanent resident but I am not sure if I should change it now, or when I get my SSN and new documents from the USCIS? I really appreciate your help. Have a nice day!


You should change it now. That way programs will know what's going on.

And congratulations Newlyweds!!!


smiling face Wow BBB, thank you so much, that was quick!!! So if any program ask me about my SSN or documents, I just let them know that I am still going through the process of adjusting my status? I guess all I can show them is my copy of the marriage license. Thanks!

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