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 Visa answers from a different forum  

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thank you very much for your answer,i immagened that i have to see an attorney for that.


Dear bbb
I m an Indian medical graduate just passed my step1 currently residing in Newzealand . Could u please guide me as to what visa should I apply for to get to US to take Step2CS.....And also what are the chances of me getting such a visa and what is the usual duration of stay in the US allowed thro' such a visa?

I m new to this and am really confused about visas and stuff as I gather not many people get it. Your advice on will really be of great help.

Many thanks


Sorry, but I can't! I don't know what anyone needs to get a visa to visit the states. I do know if you are from South Korea you don't need one (found that out this summer when a friend visited). You would have to check with others who have done it, or the Homeland Security Website to get this information.

(I know, no help.)


Hi Dear BBB

Thanx for ur prompt advice. I'll visit the website u mentioned. I hope that will give me the information I m looking for.

thanx again



hi bbb, do u know anything about if greencard expires in between ur residency?i mean it is conditional green card and it is expiring fter i year and i wont be able to renew i wsa worried if i get any position in match then how to continue after 1 year?plz help me with ur knowledge n experience. thanks in advnce.


It means that you will need to get a visa that the program that you are in will sponsor. Either an H1b or a J1 visa.


thanx for ur advice bbb....well can u tell me 1 more thing that will the hosptal switch from green card to h1 visa during residency or it should be done in the starting of residency? i mean is it easy to change during 2nd yr or like that?..plz help me if u have experience in this..thanx


There should be no need to change from green card to a H-visa, since the green card is valid indefinitely and gives you the right to work for any employer.

Changing from any visa TO a green card is very hard. Either you must be sponsored by an employer who certifies that they could not find a similarly qualified US graduate, or you apply for a national interest waiver.

Changing from a J-visa to a H-visa to avoid the 2 year home residency requirement is also challenging and expensive. You must agree to work in an underserved area (as designated by the state) for five years before you will be eligible to apply for a green card.

You can read a lot of physician experiences with visas on

I have some visa info at too.

Hope that's helpful



are there different types of green cards. i mean is there any difference in greeen card that is given by employer and the card that is issued if u r married to us citizen by birth.


hi bbb,plz tell me this i am going on H4 visa,i wont b 'ving any problems for the exams but ater i get the residency will the H1 processing be done by the medical institutes?


I can't answer for all hospitals, but we do the paperwork for the incoming resident who will be starting on H1b visas.


thanks a lot for providing suchh a wealth of's really very very helpfulsmiling face


What is the deal for a foreign student graduating from an american medical college? I am almost halfway through my junior year and was wondering if the process is different for foreign students with american degrees. I intend to apply before taking either step 2 or 3 but will complete step 2 before I start my residency hopefully. Am I only eligible for the J1-visa? ANy information would be helpful?


hello bbb.....thanx for your ongoing advice!! ..what do u mean by "premium processing" ?? shaking head


It means that the applicant (you) will pay for Immigration to process the visa in 2-3 weeks for $1000 extra.

It's well worth every penny.


hi bbb, wgich type of viza u mean by viza processing in premium?


H1b visa


thanx so much, i have one more question, i heard that TOFEL exam is no longer needed for cerftification and an english assessement is included in step 2 cs, is this right or i have to do TOFEL exam?if yes how much is the minimum score?..thanx again


Since my applicants are not required to have TOFEL, I don't know anything about it


thanx Mr bbb

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