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Use of prednisone in Rheum Arth is associated with this adver eff:

1. Hypocalcemia
2. Hyercalcemia
3. Hypothesion
4. Hyper K
5. Hypo K


hypo kalemia :?:


hypocalcemia why




I thought it would be Hyper K, cuz of weak menerallo effect that glucks have. But it turned out to be Hypo Ca. But does'nt cortics activate osteoclastes and depress osteoblasts???


always go for hypocalcemia if choices like above are given...since it most commonly causes osteoporosis


can u explain better? plz


osteo results from over stimul to osteoclast and down reg of blasts.. that increases Ca in plasma.


it can cause avascular necrosis. and # due to osteoporosis.


but if the calcium is depleted from bone, wont it be increased in blood ?


corticosteroids are known to block vitamin D activity --> inhibit intestinal absorbtion of Ca2+ --> hypocalcemia

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