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Comparing normal 17 year old man with normal 45 year old woman, the greatest and sustained difference at rest in the ECG traicing will be:

a. Hight of R
b. Depth of S
c. variable P-R interval from beat to beat
d. variable Q-Q interval from beat to beat
e. ST elevation




I have to say A...I cant come up with any reason other than relative strength of contraction.


nope .. contractions are same...better yet ECG never is the evidence of mechanical activity.
Try again.


well... the answer is D. This is Sinus Arrythmia, which is normal in the young and abnormal in older individual.
Height of R and depth of S are related to mass of the muscle and the conductivity through the tissue.
Varuable P-R is evidence of 2nd degree Heart Block type II,
ST elevation - myocardial injury or inflamation.

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