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 Plastic_surgery please answer  

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I'm a canadian resident how tedious is process to get H1 visa.

Do I need to be present in US for all paper work?



The process for H-1 is less tedious compared to J-1 visa from your aspect (may be different from programs point of view). You do not require to be present for paper work as you just fill out a packet and most of work is done by program.


plasic surgery do I have to get a stamp from canadian government.........(for H1 visa)

how many days does it take...

can they refuse it



You don't need stamp from Canadian govt. but will need to visit US consulate for H-1 stamp.. Usually, no H-1s are refused.


plastic_surgery than you for replying.

I have another question, some people say it is easier to be on an H1 from India.

Since I am a Canadian resident & Indian citizen, would like to know if getting an H1

paper work done from canada would affect my chances of getting a US green card.

Is it better to get the work done from INdia......I'm confused......


please suggest.


I don't think it matters. If you are Canadian resident (permanent) and Canada is the last residence, you should apply for h1 from Canada except if you do not consider Canada as your domicile. Your future chances and procedures for permenent residence in US will not be affected one way or the other by applying for h1 from one place or other. If you become Canadian citizen before this process, you might have an advantage for receiving the final green card faster than for being an Indian citizen as each country has fixed no. of allotment and indians have a longer wait to receive green card than canadians...


Plastic_ surgery thank you very much for answering,

I want to clarify a few points.

Please let me know if I start my residency on an H1 from canada, will my stay in US be counted in canada so that I can get a canadian citizenship or will those 3 years of residency in US not be counted.

Also I wanted to know if we personally have to go to the consulate or somebody from my family can go on my behalf.


I do not know about Canadian immigration rules so I would avoid commenting on that aspect.. For H-1 visa, you have to personally visit the consulate.

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