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 b2 extension help please!  

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hi guys! my I-94 expires on march 5. I was supposed to get a prematch, so I didn't bother to extend my stay for the match, but the contract is not here yet, the program coordinator said it'll be sent to me middle of feb. i'm so worried! sadanyway, is it still possible to apply for extension of my stay? and can I leave the US with the application still pending with the USICS? Any input would be appreciated!!!sadsadsadconfusedconfused


yes, you can still apply for an extension! aslong as you file your documents before march 5 (you can do it on march 3rd- it is still perfectly legal!). I would not advise you to leave the country with your application pending. Within a week or two you will receive a notice of receipt of your application by the immigration services- keep it, this is your proof that you filed on time. it might take up to 2 months to get a final answer. by that time you'll have your contract.


thank you so much medicus_81! so i definitely have to wait for USICS to make its decision before I can leave the US once I have filed I-539? would you happen to know if this might have some impact on future application for H1 or J1? thanks again!!!


well, as I mentioned many times, I am not an immigration lawyer, just happened to go through this process a couple of years ago. I wouldn't leave the country without a final decision from immigrations. Why don't you wait for your contract - if it doesn't arrive by March 1, then file for an extension. Call the PC and explain the situation. Some people say that they have heard( emphasis on "some" and "just heard", not experienced) that they had some problems later with the visa (j1,h1). I would not get worried by rumors. I have never heard of anyone having to leave this country, j1/h1 denied because of a b2-extension.period. so good luck! and congratulations on your residency!!!!


thanks again for the info! very much appreciated. smiling face


hi soymilk_md,

i need to extend my B2 too. its gonna be expired in 11th May. Would you tell me when is the time to file for extension and the website info and which document i file for extension ? thank you in advance and appreciate any input.


you need to file form I-539 and a letter explaining why you need to extend your stay. you also need supporting documents. you can file anytime before your I-94 expires.

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