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Beware of the technical problems at test centre for usmle exams

Recently one of my friends wrote to me about his problem while taking the step II Ck. Suddenly in the midst of one of the blocks, therewas power cut and the computer failed. The test centre staff was immediately informed and the computer was restarted, the block could not be continued. So he missed many questions in the block. Finally he completed the remaining block. Now he does not know what will happen. He wrote about this to ecfmg but no reply yet.

Have any of you also experienced something like this. If someone of you would like to advise him about this, that would be a great help. this is also to make you aware about such possibility.
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This friend of yours ought to find a lawyer and sue Prometric for gross incompetence.





Because your friend agreed to go with the test(and did do so)he forefieted the possibility of any other course of action. PS thanx for your post BUDSKI


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The concern here is something serious. My friend will probably have to re write the exam or probably satisfy with the incomplete score. This incident may recur and may happen to any of us too. My point is; how to we tackle it if it happens to us or our dear ones? Is there some way we can help this friend of mine?

Well, he did not say that he agreed to go with the test , he just went through it because he had no other choice? May be he was thinking it would be dealt with fairly. How would you do it differerently?

I tried to check out usmle & ecfmg website to find info about such thing but have not been able to find so far. Let me know if there is a guideline about this type of issue.

Thank you.


Hello chosen,

there's no good way to deal with this.
it happened to someone i know, computer crushed and he lost almost the whole block of questions. he failed the test. because if he was originally not doing so well, those 40 questions made a difference.

so he of course wrote to ecfmg and usmle and everywhere he could, and all they did was an acknowlegement of what happened, but no solution really. he was offered to register for the step again, no score recheck, no money refund, nothing at all.

so the best thing to do is to pray that it doesn't happen. i remember myself worrying about power failure during my step 1 exam, which ridiculous thing to do on the exam grin

statistically it doesn't happen often, so let's just do our best studying and hope for the best.

good luck to all!


Thank you

Yulia for caring to write.

My friend has not still heard from ecfmg yet.

This is a situation where there is no error from myfriend's side and yet he is being made to suffer.

I am very sorry to hear about what happened to one of your friends too.
Does that mean that USMLE or ecfmg is so unjust & unresponsible? First of all they charge us so much for the test & does not care about their own fault. May be this should not carry on.Please give your suggestion.

Please respond to this.


We heard about this on SDN...if this happens to you, I would recommend voiding your test. I dont know what the logistics are, but I do know that it could cause you to fail outright, or it could cause you to just barely pass, but to me, if that happened and i couldnt recover my exam, i would not continue. It would go down as an 'issue' I am sure, but I would not post a sub-standard score. I seriously doubt this will happen to anyone here tho.


I know a friend whose computer screen flashed to total black during the exam but the center quickly restored her computer. She just lost some time. -That incident was about 5 years ago. I assume nowadays computers are more reliable...

Was the mishap with your friend's exam in the USA?


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Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences & suggestions.

It sounds like the prognosis is grave for my friend.

I can not see any ray of hope in the responses above.

Of course, it is less likely to happen to us as the mishap with my friend was not in USA but who can guarentee?

Now let's look at the scenario:

1.his time will be wasted sorting thing out
2.stress of this mishaps will affect his performance in comoing tests
3.may have to pay again.
4.Now in few weeks time he needs to come to US for Step 2 CS and
5.prepare for both step 2 CS and probably Ck also
6.start preparing for his travel to USA.

Why can't prometric, ecfmg or usmle help him out soon?

Please let's support one another by supporting this friend of ours before it happens to us!!! :|


Dear friends,

My friend's score for the step 2ck has come as low with the computer failure.

NBME/ecfmg has not given any recommendation on what to do next yet. They still seem to be reviewing this issue.

My friend is asking for advice, please help.


Guys this outrage happened to me 2 weeks agi, power cut in testing center prevented me from completeing the exam, i did 5 blocks and 10 questions instead, the problem is reported to USMLE/ECFMG but still no reponce yet, though they told me that it would probably take 4-6 weeks and the decision is probably going to be a reschedule... but i agree with you so far i can only see beraucracy and lack of accountability specially in prometric

time will show



and my advice will be to find out if you can sue prometric at your local court - if you can, then do and get it all out of em :-))) cz i know suing smb in USA is almost impossible for most of us


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