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 gene expression in G0 phase  

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does gene expression occur in G0 phase .are the muscle and nerve cells alawys in this phase .if they are shouldnt gene expression be occuring in this phase for those cells to perform their functions .


there is no gene expression in G0 phase. it's a resting phase of stable parenchymal cells.

it's a quiescent state that occurs in response to lack of growth factors and nutrients. in G0 cyclins and cyclin-dependent kinases disappear. some cells remain in G0 temporarily while others remain permanently (neurons). those that remain temporarily will divide when there is a reason for them to divide--till then they are in 'resting phase'.

hope this helps.

there's a good expln of this in rapid review goljan p.32


silver ,you always have given good answers for my questions .thankyou .i will look up the goljan book later when i get to patho .
thanks once again


hey gene expression definitely happenin in G0 phase..

its a resting phase no doubt... but by resting we mean that the cell has not entered into cycles of cell division... its a stable cell... however its still transcribing n translating to carry on its life processes...

this is wat dr. raymon says..n it makes sense...


thanks dee
i thought everyone had stopped studying for biochemistry .what do you think of those cells like heart muscle cells and nerve cells which never divide but do have to do geneexpresiion to synthsize proteins inorder to perform fuctions ?????so does this statement support my question that geneexpresiion should occur in those cells which are always in g0phase .please explain thankyou .


yes these cells remain in Go in they dont divide...but gene expression continues in them to carry on makin proteins required for their function....

so i hope im makin this clear....

gene expression does happen in the Gophase....nod

listen carefully to dr raymon in first video wen he explains the cell cycle...he specifically mentions... there is lots of gene exp in Go phase...


who is dr.raymon????is that the name of biochemistry professor in our kaplan videos..
thanks for the reply about geneexpression happening in g0phase.


yeah thats himsmiling face


gene expression occurs throughout the interohase and G0 is one of the phases so definetely yes

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