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 how to study without study partner  

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which one is best way to write patient note?
handwritten or on computer?
any website which offers to write patient note for free?




Depends on what ur comfortable with. I wrote down the patient note,because i found it easy rather than typing. The advantage with typing( if ur a fast typer) is that u can erase without it looking messy. But with written note u have to cancell. I cancelled a few words on 2-3 patient notes.The advantage i think of writing down is that u know how much space u have left, and can adjust accordingly.
Sorry for the late answer ,was waiting for my cs result.Just got it-i passed. Best of luck for ur exams


thanks and congrats too


I wrote too as i I am fast typer as well but I think better when I write but typing is excellent option if you can as bad hand writing can sometimes be very costly and that is least thing one wants to do. Usmle website has typing practice page buddy
Good luck



I think u should practice on a partner as many cases u can in a timed mode starting with knock on door. Also do atleast a few patient notes after each case in a timed mode.U will understand how slow/fast ur.Then compare ur note to whichever book u use and read the additions.


bt what to do if i dnt hv study partner?
how to practice then?


U can practice cases on any family member, friends-even non medicos who can read english, they just have to look in the book and answer the questions u ask and allow u to do a quick exam.I practised on my husband who is a non medico,he used to take a bit more time to read and answer, but i figured that in the real exam too the patients may take their own time to answer.
I read in the CS forum -by quaidian 148 who passed by practicing alone,you can go through that post and as i remember there are few more who passed without study partner but some had phone partners,you can read their posts and try that.Whatever u do just think that there is real patient in front of u and act asthough u are doing the manuovres like picking up imaginary otosope,ophthalmoscope,hammer ,toothpricks,cotton.Good if u have them,if not -its still Ok,just imagine u have one in hand and start from saying-'Im now going to examine ur ear,ur eyes etc and then do the exam.For each case before PE say- im now going to untie ur gown and do the action of doing that while practising by urself,while the patient is lying down for abdo exam-say 'let me help u' and pretend u are pulling out legrest,similarly while pt gets up to walk or for Rhombergs-say 'let me help u get up' and help ur virtual pt get up. These look very small things and funny when ur practising home,but trust me these fetch u pass score in exam.Once u do all these for all cases that u practice ,u reflexly do it in the exam and u dont forget it because ur used to it.And by doing so u will understand where u are taking time and correct urself.In real exam listen to the pt ,show him he has ur full attention,dont just rush with ur questions.


thanks anp...
hv told my dad to act as sp...wl give him uw and fa to answer to my questions...
bt it seems awkward coz i thnk couldnt do in timemode format...
anyways wl search for the post you mentioned...


i watched uw videos...anything else to be done in order to get glimpse of how the exam room looks like and how to ask questions?any gd video?


for other viewers without study partner like me...
this is wat anp mentioned...



Its good that ur father is helping.At first it may be slow but once ur father and u get the hang of it, it will get better.He will know where to look for the answer and he will be faster then.Now u may think its not working but dont quit.Just keep on practising on him. In one case of FA the pt has to cough as soon as the Dr enters the room-tell ur father to read those small instructions given for pt at the start of case in FA.Believe me we are so much engrossed in our format of questions that we forget to ask him water or offer a tissue.By practising u will get used to it.
Also keep a small blanket/shawl/bedsheet-whatever u have folded by his side.Start watch.Read the pt information in FA in 15-20 secs then handover FA to ur father then knock on wall,desk-whatever (to indicate u entered room-coz exam cabins are small ,and rooms we practice are large-each time going to door -time consuming).Address ur father by the name given in FA for that pt.(I sometimes used to forget the name during encounter at home-so started carrying a pad with pen in hand and jotted down the name on pad).After introduction first put the drape on ur father.Do this for each case.Also after history and summary wash hands( at home just go 3-4 steps away from ur father and pretend ur washing hands.Then at end my partner used to keep an eye on the clock and announce '2 mins remaining'-then u hurry to close encounter.
For videos-i used UW videos.In exam u dont have much time.I also watched videos posted somewhere in this forum by justice-Virginia videos.But in the end u have to do the exam shortly but efffectively-5-6 mins
Also go through Digitaldoc's blogspot.It answers many querries.

Edited by anp on Feb 01, 2008 - 8:15 AM


thanks a lot....nod




Thank you sooo much caduceus for collecting all the information I need.
Good luck in your cs...


nod same to you too

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