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 Cheek's pain ?  

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patient complaining of difficulty breathing ,pain in his cheeks , near his nose ,CT reveals mass lesion involves sinuses , nose and pharynx , biopsy showed nonkeratinized squamous cell carcinoma , which of the following associated with the same oncogenic virus that's likely cause of this patient's cancer :

a-Adult T cell leukemia

b-cutaneous violaceous lesions

c-Genital warts

d-Liver cirrhosis

e-Malignant soft tissue mass of the jaw

PS : smiling faceplease explain


I'm torn between (c) - genital warts and (e) malignant soft tissue mass of the jaw.

HPV causes genital warts and can cause oral squamous cell carcinoma

EBV can cause oral/nasopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma and Burkitts lymphoma.

Not sure which is more likely. sad




If it would be EBV causing Nasopharyngeal Ca, I would not expect such a aggressive growth, and might see lymph node metastases. histological it could be very possibly. So the answer could be E, as for Burkitt lymphoma, African form.

On the other hand, it could be HPV causing so called '' inverted papillomas'', although these are benign, but very aggressive in growth locally what I recall often reoccur after the resection , affecting paranasall sinuses, as in case above. But are not carcinomas as above.

I'm going for : E smiling face


Goodgirl - HPV can cause oral squamous cell carcinoma and not just a benign process.


I guess, you are right Tiff. I just got totally distracted by involved sinuses, just read recently about the papillomas in nasopharingeal area, so it was retrieved easier from my short term memory ! grin Let's wait for explanation .

Still going for E


Think I'm going to go with C since HPV can be transmitted sexually and therefore probably more likely to manifest as cancer. cool


whoever picked E are right ...Nasopharyngeal Ca ..EBV -Burkett's nod


Misrati - do you have an explanation for this question? Could really use it.


Misrati - if so, preferably the explanation explaining wrong answers. Thx


B and C both seems to be correct..........confused


Hey there, Misrati,thank you for passing by and writing a few words in my journal.smiling face How are things with you? I hope you will begin a journal as well.
I would have gone for E as well, because a nonkeratinized squamous cell carinoma in oropharynx is more likely to be caused by EBV than by HPV. I would say that HPV would give keratinized lesions rather than non-keratinized ones. Plus the localization is essential.

All the best with the

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