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Hi everyone,
I am a green card holder with 78 and 93 scores in step 1 and 2 respectively.I have applied for 2008 residency and got rejections from very few programs.Still no response from 8 anesthesia programs .I have not received any interviews yet. Do you guys have any idea why the other programs have not replied to me yet. Are they having me on hold?

Anesthesia is within the top 4 preferred programs.what will be the possibility for anesthesia for those who scramble ?

Your suggestions welcome.


Hey Higgins welcome to this nerve wrecking journey of applying to anesthesia.. What can I say? I have applied to 70 anesthesia programs ang got only 5 interviews. You can see my stats at the credentials thread. There are about 60ish programs that I havent heard of and I think I have already been rejected by them its just that they dont send rejection mails. This might be your case, but you can call them so you can be a 100% sure of what is going on.
I met a couple of imgs at the university of Toledo and I found out that many of them had only one iv or 2 ivs. Of course carib med students have had more ivs compared to other imgs. But, more or less those are the biased stats..

Bottom line anesthesia is extremely competitive and I am not sure if there are many people out there that have been luckier than me or the people I have met. But this whole process has left me hopeless and helpless...

There are a couple of programs that have been unfilled consistently in the last couple of years, U Conn and Rush University. Hopkins, JMHU and MGH have had unfilled positions every other year but I think that is a consequence of they dont rank all of the people they interview instead of being an issue of the programs and people not wanting to go there..



Gave me the best explanation. Thanks Mazinger. Good luck .


Hello, I am IMG. Licenced anesthesiologist in my country. I passed step 1 and step2 ck I failed CS. still i have a chance for scramble?



dont lose hope

in fact u r lucky with these 5 interviews

a friend of mine got only 3 ivs in IM with the same scores of u and much more usce

i know u hoped of more ivs

but i think u did ur best

and it doesnot matter the no of ivs it matters the result of the match

i think u prefer one iv ending by matching than 100 for nothing


spring summer i think u should be ecfmg certified by 31-12-2007 to participate in the scramble

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