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1.What happen to PH ,PO2 and PCO2 of blood when you inject room air into vein while drawing blood into a syringe ?

2. If you draw blood from vein ( ex: femoral vein) what will be its PH, PO2 AND PCO2 while compared to arterial blood ?


1. How much air? A 10 ml syringe, no Effect.

2. Venous PO2=40, PCO2=45, pH=7.2?


Q didn't mention how much air...just think what will happen if room air is injected into vein..


Wouldnt injecting air cause air embolism?


Q1. potentially can lead to air embolism..
Q2 Blood gas composition of femoral vein will be similar to that of mixed venous blood i.e.,
PO2 = 40 mmHg
PCO2 = 46mmHg
pH = 7.4


"sudipto1973" wrote:
Q1. potentially can lead to air embolism..

If this was a potential answer on the test, I would probably pick it, but from a practical standpoint, it would have to be a lot of air, that's why I asked.


here u go...

:arrow: 1. blood will show increased PO2 ,decreased PCO2 and increased PH.

:arrow: 2.venous blood will have PO2 less (when compared to artery) ,
increased PCO2 and decreased PH (when compared to artery)

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