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 QUESTION:: class f dm in pregancy and its most common risks  

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A 31 y/o primigravida woman @ 20 wks gest. age comes to the physician for a prenantal visit. This pregnancy has been complicated by maternal diabetes. The patient is considered class F diabetic, as she has diabetic nephropathy. She has no other medical problems. She takes insulin. Examination is normal for a 20 weeker. This patient's medical condition makes her pregnancy most likely to be complicated by which of the following conditions?

A) Caudal Regression Syndrome

B) Placenta Previa

C) Preeclampsia

D) Shoulder Dystocia

E) Stillbirth


A) Caudal Regression Syndrome is 200 time more often with overt DM.


if choice is CVS anomaly or caudal regression syndrome tell me the answer


of course i will tell u the answer...tmrw...hoping for a few more entries :P :P :wink:


It could also be D shoulder dystocia from fetal macrosomia


i also go for shoulder dystocia from fetal macrosomia .because it is not so common for fetus of diabetic mother but specific for it


sorry i forget to write that caudal regresion is not common in diabetic but specific for it


wow.....thanx for the responses as I too was kind of baffled that they would put so many on point choices....but here it is ppl

PREECLAMPSIA....why u ask.....lets c responses on why u think it is so

and remember...classes


It would make sense that she will be more at risk of pre-eclampsia, given her Nephropathy.
This Q is actually good.


Yes. Preeclamsia is correct. But even cong malformations are common in Type 1 D.M than Gestational DM so why not select Caudal regression syn? Like wise it is not given that BPis high and so on.
Please explain.


caudal regression syndrome is an uncommon anomoly assoc with DM, but it is highly specific to in making the diag that was prob missed

cong heart disease and NTD are far more common, but being that the patient is a class f diabetic (nephropathy) the biggest concern would be preeclampsia


caudal regression synd

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