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 TN visa (for CANADIAN)  

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my question is --
if someone apply to research job on TN visa in USA.
does he needs to get evaluation of his MBBS degree.
can somebody tell me if we need evaluation of degree to get TN visa.


bbb plz help and moderators,senior members..


Sorry, but I don't work in a research program. I don't have an answer for you. Have you checked with a government web site with information on TN visas? Done a google search, etc?


thanks bbb. guys any IMG from canada having research position in USA


Hi , am not working as research too , but best shot is call US embassy in Canada ur city , they know all well re IMG , H, J , TN .
Also if ur need for info is not urgent , no job got yet , just like to know info then , call contact local kaplan center , ask for med coordinator usually really well knowledge re all canadain to south including ee exm etc, also they had yearly at least once a yr aroung MAy or Jun, July kaplan arrnage free visa session , the talk is by official US counsellor & clerk all very knowlegeble will give few hr tell every visa then let u ask 1 qs each person .
Still if u need can also call local kaplan & ask the qs re too .

I will also try to find my last yr info if not recycle yet , will pm u re .
Since the visa info from kaplan is yearly & changing in better all the time, so not sure I still keep the last yr info or not .

As far as I remember , for residency is by H1 or J visa [ if from Canada site need ee pass, if from home country no ee need ed, but will ahve to b out to the country where u got ur J visa letter re ur ministry or dpt of health ] and if non clinical .. like research will b free trade .. ?? TN visa which need to apply at the USA embassy like J visa, but H visa .. no nee dto line up at USA embassy , just stamp at the border , that's all. These r last yr info in summer .

GL nodcoolnod


As far as ur job title is under the long list of TN visa , it is free trade job visa , so if u got job offer, contract , that will b all u need, MBBS evaluation is for education .. u got the degree , not means u got the job , unless ur work nee dto verify u, don't think visa side need to do any re .
The visa dpt will liek to know u really got job or not , so u will get visa according to ur job . TN visa r easy than H , J visa since is north amaerica free trade visa .

But check with usa embassy local to be sure , they r the one will give u the TN .

GL nod


TN visa for resaerch in university, no verification of degree required, but consular may ask a bit about your research area when you visit embassy/consulate.


Remember that a TN is not applicable for any clinical position. You cannot start a residency on using the TN.


bbb wrote:
Remember that a TN is not applicable for any clinical position. You cannot start a residency on using the TN.


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