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 Pharmacology Mnemonics  

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The use of N-Acetyl-Cysteine aka NAC

N–>Nephropathy prevention(when use contrast for CT scan in patients with renal insufficiency)
A–>Acetaminophen toxicity
C–>Cystic Fibrosis (mycolitic agent)


for cephalosporines
1st: cefa,,,,,,,,,,,zoline,lexin +cephradine
secOnd : second has a big O so are cefOtetan and cefaclOr
3rd : tri X cefotriaXone cefotaXime cefiXime


hey opiates are esters and amines
amide have i and so the drugs have 2 I s
mepivacaine lidocaine bupivacaine etidocaine prilocaineand ropivacaine
esters have no i and drugs have only one i
benzocaine chloroprocaine cocaineand Tetracaine


you can also look at this site;


Yes, try it out. It is very helpful.


any one have an easy mnenomic for cell-cycle specific anticancer?sad


FMG are chronic alcoholics

F-fatty liver
M-Muscle wasting


Selective Beta Two Receptor Agaonists::::::::


As shown from ANS pharmacology


Side Effects of Lithium:
Remember LITH


Nephroooootoxicity and Otooooootoxicity:
Aminoooooglycosides and Vancooooomycin

It's fun when you say it out loud.

For Vancomycin, think of a Red Van/Red Man


When You think of Vin you would think of the Vin Rouge !! Red Wine !! Red Man = Vanco !!


Ok here are some for the viruses to add:
DNA viruses all doble stranded DNA except poor parvo he is single and can even afford a decent name B19...he is even part of the naked virus because you need to be naked for a PAP (Adeno and Papovavirus are the others)...

About Reo "love it" his name is Reo lol, only ds RNA part of the ROBA segmental viruses...ortho, bunya are the others...and part of the naked RNA viruses, because you need to be naked for a PCR (Picorna and Calicivirus(HEV) are the others)...



No Body Knows Ca channel blockers...

No= class I blocks fast Na channel block

Body= class II B- blockers, A-M are B1 selective for the heart, M-Z are B1-B2 non selective careful with masking DB hypoglycemia and blocking B2 on asthma..

Knows= class III K channel blockers

CCB= class IV blocks slow Ca channels


Here is the chemo tox Man: is grrreat!!! never forget!! don't have one for the cell cycle but also would love one!!


Hemolysis in G6PD deficiency :

" SIPPIN a Diet Coke''



Primaquine, Pyrimethamine, Ibuprofen, Nitrofurantoin


Dapson, Chloramphenicol


izaskunmd wrote:
Here is the chemo tox Man: is grrreat!!! never forget!! don't have one for the cell cycle but also would love one!!

thanks grin that chemo man is cool
makes it so easy
got more ? plz share.. pharma is driving me crazy confused


shockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshocked shockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshocked

: Dgringringrin you guys are GREAT ...

you made my life easier nodnodnodnodnodgrin


e-facts to avoid during pregnancy

e - erythromicin

f - fluoroquinolones

a - aminoglycosides

c - clarithromycin

t - tetracyclin

s - sulfonamide


my own: effects of opioids that u do not develop tolerance to-'once a strained shitter, always a strained shitter' (imagine straining... eyes close up[ remember for miosis] and constipation)
sounds dumb, but worked for me.


I made this up for the order in which side effects of Antipsychotics appear :

"Dear, Am Ready To Accept am Psychotic "
D : Dystonias
A : Akinesia
R : Rigidity
T : Tremors
Ac : Akathisia
P : Pisa n Rabbit Sydromes....

Hope it helps.. I know its more apt for behavioral though

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