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On prep4usmle, you can add now tags to forum topics.

Tags are probably just another name for keywords.

It is like marking a collection of selected threads using an unique stamp.

This will help us finding hot topics with similar content, usually high yield, that otherwise will not be easy to search.

To add tags to a forum topic look for the submission box on a topic you read. You can add multiple tags to the same topic.

Most used tags will be shown on index page in the section "Tags Library".

Happy tagging!
smiling face


Tags = Labels = Keywords

It would be helpful if it correctly used. cool


Are the tags limited to 10?

Some new tags are not showing on the Home Page.


I have a suggestion that we keep the Tag additions reserved for the Leader members so that the tags dont get mixed or/and also make the tag search option available in the search page.


The tag library on main page is actually a toplist of the tags most used, so if you have more topics with the same tag it will be listed in the top 10 tags. This number can be changed in the future.

For now, all members can submit tags, will see in the future if this need to be changed.

A search function for tags is a good idea, I'll let the programer know.

sticking out tongue


10 Tags for a huge forum? there is no question they are not enough. If the 10 tags on the Home Page are the most popular, where can we find the rest of them ( the nonpopular ones that we made ) ?


I knew somebody will ask this, will see if tags can be pulled by other ways, by forum for example.




how do you delete tags?


gorecki_md wrote:
how do you delete tags?

Admin can delete tags.

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