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 an explanation,please  

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A pt. with mildly compromised renal function is to be given a course of an aminoglycoside drug. In order to calculate the max. dose of the drug that can be given, which of the following measurements would be most helpful?

A) BUN and creatinine
B) Liver function tests
C) Wt. of the patient
D) Peak and trough drug levels
E) Body surface area of the patient

the answer is D and i don;t know why :oops:


the peak and troughs are nothing but the plasma level changes/oscillations ...seen with intermittent dosing

Loading dose = Vd x Cs (where Cs is the desired plasma conc. of the drug)


my first guess was BUN and CREATININE LEVELS
than i realized peak and trough level is better.i was thinking if kidney fxn is compromised it will show as rise in BUN and CREAT i need to monitor peak and trough levels so that kidney fxn is not compromised.i hope i am correct
very tricky qs indeed.


you r right it is a very tricky question.I belive it couldbe BUN and Creatinine.I mean u check the renal function By these tech. But to FIND THE MAX> dose it has to be the peak and Trough levels or the Oscillations in Plasma of Aminoglycoside.
How do we calculate the max. dose to be given?? :cry:

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