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 time zero  

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To estimate survival from a follow-up study, "time zero" must be defined precisely for each patient. This is best ensured by

    1)    "back dating" the entrance to the date of onset of the first symptoms, as obtained from the history.

    2)    enrolling all patients on the same calendar date.

    3)    measuring from the first instance when each patient's symptoms met certain criteria for severity.

    4)    measuring from the time the disease is detected by a screening program.

    5)    selecting all patients at clinically comparable points in the course of their disease.




Thanks for answering but any explanation gingko?
confused between 3 and 5.?


any body can help with this question?




Thank you Vietnamese But do you have any explanation or references? why not 3?


According to Kaplan's statement of survival analysis, the starting point is 100% survival. That's all. (Kaplan notes 2006-2007, page 118)


you can not enroll all patients in same days


agreed with Vietnamese.


correct answer is probably 3


it is follow up....hence word clinically defined the disease as well as treatment....hence5

3 only show disease grade.,doesnt show therapy

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