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 Any one, sarika,Puchpal, bean..  

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What type of que? they like to ask more during Psy. iV . IF any body can tell me i detal like Q.1 .........
and most Imp. plz tell me the anwser to this que. where do u see ur self in 5 or 10 year .i mean what the psy people like to hear in response ........plez .if you know where i can find anwser to these que.,i mean just to see how should i or how can i make better ans. to those que just for idea .help...............sadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadshaking headshaking headshaking headshaking headrolling eyes


Man, it is not an exam and there is no such a thing as a correct answer, this is not Medicine with one correct answer. where do you see your self in 10 years? staying in Academia, working in private clinic or going back home and getting involved in community psychiatry. all these options are fine as long as you provide a reason for your answer. What these people are looking for is your ability to reflect on your own decisions and explain them.
a common question: why do you want to do Psychiatry? i can't give you my answer because it is related to my cv and to what i did in the past, try to provide an answer that shows your interest in the field and not that your applying a backup
hope that will be helpful
good luck!

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