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Which one of the following bacteria is deposited directly into the lower airways?
A. Mycoplasma pneumoniae
B. Streptococcus pneumoniae
C. Pneumocystis carinii
D. Hemophilus influenzae
E. Mycobacterium tuberculosis


i am thinking about anaerobic bug. best guess would be mycoplasma,may be iam wrong.


I too think its mycoplasma

:roll: confusion




it is mycobact tuberculosis.


The answer is mycobacterium tuber......thats a confirmed answer!...




I thought mycobact TB prefered upper lobe??


What is the correct answer Crista??? :?:


The answer is mycobacterium tb.....I found the answer at


hellow friends, can anyone grade the questions at, plsease give me your opionion about this site. i am unable to decide.
thakingyou. please help me shock shock


"merjr" wrote:
I thought mycobact TB prefered upper lobe??

Reactivation/secondary TB does.


Thanks idiopathic


but I found from pathology textbook that primary TB tends go subpleural while secondary TB tends go to apical/ post. seg of upper lobes? please clarify my confusion


Primary TB- subpleural caseous granuloma above or below the interlobar fissure andis called the Ghons focus.

Ghons focus+ hilar LN= Ghons complex

and as idiopathic pointed out reactivation or reinfection chooses the upper lobe - Simons focus


so the exact answer to this question is the lesion below the interlobular fissure in primary TB, right? And "subpleural" means close to the pleural, either peripheral of the lung or near the interlobular fissure?


That's right


Thank you very much!


One thing though... lower airways can be in the apper lobe, or middle, or anywhere... it reffers to the general lung assoc rather than lobes of the lung. The alveolus of the upper lobe is physically above carina, but it is lower airway, while trahea, bronchus and secodary bronchi are upper.
Anyway, TB deposits in lower upper or upper lower lobe-Ghons Focus, extends to hilar nodes-Ghons complex, gets "taken care off" and resides in upper lobe, cavitating and cassaiting in lower airways.


This is right, and I thought of it only recently..."lower airways" does not mean lower lung, it could simply mean alveolar duct vs. respiratory bronchiole, etc.

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