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 Genesys Phone pre-interview  

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Hello friends.
Today got call form Genesys, Grand Blanc,MI for Phone pre-interview.Has anybody earlier took it? If yes, then can u please guide what type of questions are usually asked and what all are they evaluating in a candidate for inviting him/her for interview. Any type of help will be greatly appreciated.Thanks


hi there.. m in the same boat as idea wut they wanna ask.havent met any1 yet.. but i guess they jst wanna check our conversation skills..when r they calling u? plz guys if any1 has an idea plz post it here...


hi mann81, did u get a call from genesys yesterday? you know what? i was expecting their call yesterday. I waited until 4 am local time (bcoz of time difference). And they dint call idea wut happened...


hey Javed
Are u in India or Pakistan? I got their call yesterday. Yes for me too it was way late.I was waiting from 1.30 am Local time till 3.30 am. But no call, i too panicked and moreover was feeling sleepy. So many times I checked my mail that maybe they were not able to get across me. But thought will wait til 4.30 am. So the call finally came at 4.20 am.They asked the usual questions. Why dont u mail them and ask what went wrong? maybe they messed up with nos. as U know calling from US is very tricky.So do check up with them via email.


I received a call from Genesys several days ago,they used the speaker mode. I talked to the PD but there were more people in the room, i think ..a faculty and the residency coordinator. They asked me why i choose FM, what i have been doing since graduation, and also asked me about US experience. They said they were looking for candidates involved with primary care and with US experience.
good luck!!


hi fluxo...i havent heard from them..they told me they will call BUT they dint...And they havent replied to email also as to why i dint receive a hv they called u for the iv? or did they say when they will let u know?


hi fluxo
I got to talk with a single faculty only...and he asked me the same questions as you mentioned.But still no email form their side. Did u get the interview call from them. and after how many days? Your response will be very helpful.Thanks


finally.........genesys has offered me 1 more tel interview chance without giving any reason or apologising as to why they didnt call me on 5th dec...anyhow,jst hoping its not jst for formality guys did u hear back anything from them?


they sent me a date for the call but i rescheduled it. they answered like 10 days later giving me other date which i accepted. they called me that date and after 5 days , offered me an interview.
they have only few available dates.
good luck to everybody


Hi Mann81 and Fluxo,
wanted to ask u guys 1thing.
Genesys ppl called me for their preinterview call yest. asked me the same general Qs. and told that they will b replying abt the outcome of this call after a week.
But today, just within 2 days i received an email from them which says something like this:
"Thank you for your participation in the pre-interview telephone experience we
conducted with you recently. While your application has not been ruled out,
we cannot offer you an interview at this time. Your application will be kept
on file for future review.

As we are extremely busy during interview season managing over 1200 ERAS
applications to our program, it makes it impossible for us to respond to
individual requests regarding the status of your application. Therefore, we
respectfully request that you do not call or email us regarding your
application status as this will only further delay the process. We will
gladly contact you if the committee decides to investigate your application

did they send you guys something similar? then i will take it as a general mail..otherwise to me it looks more or less like a rejection. What do u guys think?

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