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 acetylcholine and blood pressure  

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we know that there is no parasympathetic innervtion of the blood vessels but when acetylcholine is given( a direct acting cholinergic agonist) there is drop in b.p by what mechanism


Action of acetyl choline mimic the action of vagal nerve stimulation.
there is no parasympathic stimulation BUT there are cholinergic receptors on the blood vessels that respond by causing vasodilation... this is due to an acetyl cholin- induced rise in intracellular CALCIUM caused by the phosphatidyl inositol system that results in the formation of NO from arginine in the endothelial cells (EDRF)...vasodilation occurs.
decrease of HEART rate and stroke volume results from reduction of the firing at the sinoatrial node.


yes it is..only indirect acting sympathomimetics have no effect on blood vessels


good reasoning are correct

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