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 mallory-weiss, boerhaave  

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so what's the diff b/w

mallory-weiss synd: tear of distal esophagus

boerhaave synd: rupture of distal esophagus

both are seen in alcoholics, both due to retching.

is it to do with the type of damage? i think there is not much difference b/w tear and rupture.

[this is the type of thing we're likely to see in options]


Boerhaave syndrome is a transmural perforation of the esophagus to be distinguished from Mallory-Weiss syndrome, a nontransmural esophageal tear also associated with vomiting. It typically occurs after forceful emesis.

Mallory-Weiss syndrome is characterized by upper gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to longitudinal mucosal lacerations at the gastroesophageal junction or gastric cardia. patients with persistent retching and vomiting following an alcoholic binge. However, Mallory-Weiss syndrome may occur after any event that provokes a sudden rise in intragastric pressure or gastric prolapse into the esophagus.


oh, thanks nnl. clear answer!


paheli wrote:
oh, thanks nnl. clear answer!

lol u understood that i had a co relation made up Mallory Drunk with a hiatal hernia chap Boerhaave bulimic dude who is raging alcoholic.


haha, good one. i know them basically, will know to pick if one is present in options. but, did not know how to clearly differentiate if BOTH were in the options [mucosal vs transmural]. and i believe that's exactly how qns are framed these days.

thanks again!smiling face



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