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 Pharmacology Drill Sessions  

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Ok I need to review my pharmocology drugs moa, s/e, tox, etc for step II. I have done this with three other step I students, and they all loved it. All of their NBME scores went up dramatically after this. I personally don't know of anyone else taking step I, so I'm posting here. So here is how it works.

One hour a night, probably around 9-9:30 pm, over the phone. We do 3 pages of pharm out of the 2005 FA. In the newer editions, it's done system based, so the pharm is spread throughout. No problem if you don't have the 2005 edition, you'll just have to jump around.

We do 3 pages a day. We just start at page one, and go till the end. There are 54 pages of pharm, so it takes about two and half weeks to cover the entire pharmacology section. In addition I have gone through and made notes out of UW, that I'll pass onto you as well. This will not be a discussion of the topics. We won't be looking up any drugs, were simply going to hit all the information in the FA only.

So basically you review the 3 pages throughout the day. At 9pm I'll give you a call and drill you on those three pages. Don't worry if you get some questions wrong or you forget something. I make mental note of them, and then before we start the next day's 3 pages, I'll drill you on the ones you didn't do well on the day before.

post up if your interested. You must be in the US. I'm not calling international. grin And I'm not doing this over skype, or any other computer based phone service.

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