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 LOUISIANA IM Interview experiences  

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Program Name: LSU, Shreveport

Date of Interview: november 2007

Where did u stay, nearest hotel, travel etc: Super 8..they do offer Holiday Inn reduced rate..but i didnt read the email about accomodations..go for holiday inn(obviously)

Level of "stress" (0-10): 2

How many interviewers: 3

How many applicants: 5

Tour included visits to: morning report, ICU, ER, Cafe, ambulatory clinic opposite the hospital

Questions asked: tell me about urself, why LSU, future plans, family, usual stuff

happy residents: yes / no / ? : Yes, yes,yes

research oriented: yes / no / ? yes..have a spanking biomed research institute where u can do basic science labs in ur free time and lotsa clinical trials going on

prematch offers? not for me

visa sponsored? J1 only..they were emphatic about it

City: livable( for any of my interviews this is my last criterion for selection, so i dont look at all towards the geography, crime stats, weather etc..and thus wouldnt be ur best choice for comments on this)

What I liked the most: great fellowship chances, very friendly residents and faculty and the fact that the PD answered my thank you email in 15 minutes

What could be improved: basically, nothing...they have improvements going constantly, surely a marker of how good they are

Rate experience (0-10): 9

Conclusion: A typical University Program..if u dont have any qualms for visas, go for it


Please copy this template and add:

Program Name:

Date of Interview:

Where did u stay, nearest hotel, travel etc:

Level of "stress" (0-10):

How many interviewers:

How many applicants:

Tour included visits to:

Questions asked:

Happy residents: yes / no / ? :


City, how is living there?:

Research oriented: yes / no / ?

Prematch offers?:

Visa sponsored?:

What I liked the most?:

What should be improved?:

Rate experience (0-10):



hey ginko, it sounds like a nice program, congrats

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