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1. overexpression of erbB2 gene----Breast invasive ductal cancer

2.t9,22 translocation of abl protooncogene-----formation of bcr-abl fusion gene on chromosome 22=Philadelphia chromosome=CML

3.point mutation of ret gene--------AD MEN syndromes

4.amplification of N-Myc gene --neuroblastoma

5.t8,14 translocation of Myc------Burkitts lymphoma--EBV related

6.t 14,18 translocation------overexpression of bcl2 gene product------inactivates apotosis-------B cell follicular lymphoma


"Burr a hole in the Follicle"

t 8,14------burkitts lymphoma

t 14,18--------b cell follicular lymphoma


Rb suppressor gene --on chroosoe 13-------produces unphosphorylated Rb protein----------prevents cell from moving from G1 to S phase

phosphorylation of Rb protein by active cdk --allows cell to pass in to S phase

inactivation of Rb suppressor gene ----loss of inhibitory effec t of Rb protein-----cell constantly pass in to S phase


inactivation of Rb supressor gene -------R O B


2.Osteogenic sarcoma

3.breast cancer


P53 supressor gene --chroosome 17 -----produce protein-----inactivates active cdk----------prevents phosphorylation of Rb protein-------prevents cell from moving from G1 to S phase


1. Inactivation of --BRCA-1 Gene (chromosome--17) --asso with --OVARIAN cancer
( colon / pancreas cancar also )

2. Inactivation of BRA-2 Gene (chromosome--13)------asso with BREAST ca




NF-2 GENE --------CHROMOSOME -22



Don't forget that carcinogenesis is a multistep process, so the chromosomal translocation (usually found in hematologic malignancies) or any inherited predisposing gene mutation such as RET (MEN), APC (FAP) BRACA(BOC) are not the single cause of cancer.


U ............... U r absolutely right.
BUT these BUZZWORDS will help us to ans ques.


t 15;17.....acute promyelocytic leukemia....

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discuss forgettable facts
discuss forgettable facts
discuss forgettable facts
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