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EM FINDINGS -----------

1,TONOFILAMENTS ------------->Epithelial tumors

2.Weibel palade bodies-------->(Von Willebrand factor)--->in angiosarcoma

3.Neurosecretory granules-------Black granules in cytosol-----APUD tumors

4.Thick n Thin myofilaments --------Rhabdomyosarcoma

5.Birbeck granules -----tennis racquet shape----histiocytic tumors


#Growth of epidermis from hair follicle and sweat glands in the dermis.
#Meiosis I at prophase move above blood-testes barrier, and continues followed by meiosis II and spermiogenesis.
#Middle 1/3 rd of esophagus has both striated and smooth muscle. Upper 1/3rd is striated and lower 1/3rd is smooth muscle.
#Fenestrated endothelium is in liver sinusoid.
#Acidophilic(pinkish): GH, mammotrophes.
Basophilic: rest.
#Rheumatoid arthritis is chronic inflammatory infiltrate, so plasma cell
#Primordial eggs: large number of unusually large cells sorrounded by single layer of flattened epithelium: diplotene stage of Ist meiosis arrest.
#Apoptotic cells: cytoplasmic blebs, nuclear blebs.
#Proximal convoluted tubule only has brush border in kidney. It has ion channel protein.
#Organ of corti has hair cell prone to damage to loud sound, supplied by 8th nerve.
#Sublingual gland has pure mucus secretion,highest, submandibular gland has mixture, parotid gland has mostly serous secretions.
#Elastic fibres are in aorta, vocal cord, ligamentum flava.
#Hyaline cartilage is relatively less vascular, which makes it prone to infections
#Myofibroblasts involved in dupetryens contracture
#Spermatogonia near basal lamina, then matures into Primary spermatocyte, then matures into secondary spermatocytes, then matures into spermatid, then matures into spermatozoa.
#Ovum is sorrounded by a acellular ring like structure,zona pellucida, it is rich in glycoprotein and polysaccharide,stains bright pink or red with PAS stain. z.pellucida is sorrounded by corona radiata.
Cumulous oophorus is the hill of cells that surrounds the ovum.
Theca interna and externa are formed from the connective tissue sorrounding the follicle.


good collection

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discuss forgettable facts
discuss forgettable facts
discuss forgettable facts
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