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hey hi ,
this thread can be used to post ur score and prep details by those who scored 99 percentile.
this will help those vying for a 99


hi tompat.good thread. i am a newbie here. can you explain what does the score of 99 percentile mean? does that mean that i will stand ahead of every 99th student who take exam. or does that mean that out of 100 people i am likely to score more than what 98 score.
thank in advance.


For the last time a 99 score is not 99 percentile of any kind. If you ever could answer 99% of the questions correctly your score would be somewhere above 285


For a 2 digit 3 digit score debate refer to:

For BigTime experiences (99 and others) refer to:


Perhaps I can clarify. A score of 99 on the two-digit scale DOES NOT mean 99th percentile; 99th percentile would indicate that you scored better than 99% of test takers. First of all, you cannot use the two-digit score to get a percentile; to get your percentile, you must calculate it by using your three-digit score, as it comes with a mean, and a standard deviation. From what I've seen in the recent posts, a score of 236 or above would give you a 99. No way would a 236 give you 99th percentile with a mean of 213 and a standard deviation of 23. Get the point?

So once and for all, those of you who think a 99 is 99th percentile, IT IS NOT, it's just a stupid number that some schools use in their admissions process rather than the three digit score.

I'm no expert in the topic, but that's my understanding.

And not to be rude with Tompat (truly), this thread is silly, but hey, it's a free world.


I agree with rhmtascp.Its real silly.I call it score discrimination.but as you said its a free world.No offense to tompat though.


tompat, its really sad that a forum elite like you with more than 300 posts use the word "percentile". I know it feels really good to be 99th percentile beating all 98 above us but dear club99 can not run if club members do not know what they are here for.


IMG, cut tom some slack, no one knows everything


if all of those who post their "99" would take a picture of their score and post it next to their exciting experience of getting "99" information about it would be worthy of belief.



It is my belief that people who get a 99, actually do get a 99. I'm not sure how much it would improve someone's self-esteem to say one got a 99 when in fact he/she did not. It would probably make me feel like a real loser. Everyone who takes this difficult exam are winners in my opinion, except of course those lying about their scores, those people are real losers and it's their loss at the end of the day.

It takes a lot of work and dedication to get a 99, and of course a good combination of study materials, practice questions, study plans, length of study; that is the information which is useful for people currently studying for Step 1 that can be offered by those with "nice" scores.

When I started to study, I wasn't aiming for a 99 by any stretch of the imagination; but when I saw that I was heading in the right direction based on people's posts, then I began to work even harder to get the best score I could possible get.

I do however believe that a thread with the name "Club99" undermines people who study just as hard as someone getting a 99, but cannot achieve one for whatever reason. Maybe Tompa was going through pure ecstasy when he/she found out she got a 99, or maybe she thought that she now belongs to a special group of gifted 99ers , and didn't really think the name of her thread thoughtfully.

Anyhow, I don't think anyone is gonna post their 99 experience on this thread, but it might stir up some controversy, which is never bad...



weird thread (to say the least)


alexaE wrote:
weird thread (to say the least)

I agree.raised eyebrow


hey come on put sock in it. i just wanted to make it easy for those who aim higher, without offending any one.
if u dint like the idea don't post here. conc on studies and yah any discussion relating to studies is welcome . dont waste ur time on unnecessary things.
smiling face

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