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 only iv's and rej for nov 5th to 9th  

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lets do it only for this week.


a fresh rejection with my morning coffee: Mayo clinic


invite from u texas lubbock

u buffalo
u north dakota
duke( madmad how could they do it to me)


Invite from University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) Any input?

No rejections (how should I interpret this? I have not received rejections since I applied, but not as many iv as I would want. Are they keeping me "on hold"?)


rejection from San Antonio


rejection from Harvard Mclean, what a disappointment i really thought i had a chance there wink


Harvard McLean did not find me attractive as well sad


But I got an interview at Tufts! I will be broke by the end of January (9 interviews in 9 different states!!!)


interview- Tufts new England
reject- MGH/McLean

well ,talking of being broke, i shall file for bankruptcy with 14 ivs. Travel is EXPENSIVE in US.


Cheapest travel is possible
any body who thinks is in a worst situation than me can ask for travel tips
and tricks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



invites- toledo ,Vanderbilt(15,16)


Girl82 I'm really curious to hear your story... What you got this big that attracts all the PDs? The looks? The carisma? smiling face I know I aint got those wink
Afterall, whats your credentials?


Looks...... photos are downloaded only after sending out invites
Charisma?.... PDs have not met as yet.
s1/s2 high 90's, ecfmg cert,step 3 pending,need visa,psych residency in home country.


girl 82
you can be arrested for the charge of
frightening general public gringringrin

just joking
u r creds are cool



I strongly believe girl 82 has the very best credentials in this forum, so i request her to accept any prematch, so that our rank order goes one step up


and ofcourse no IV,s here in Nov
I dont know wht happened to NY not even one IV form there I applied 22 programs,


jo hukum ho aaka!


Rejection from Brown University.
how can these low ranked petty universities , reject me??????


grin you are hilarious puchpal... I think girl82 should be banned of any public announcements regarding her psych IVs until further notice smiling face J/K girl82, its good to know an IMG can get this much IVs with good credentials.. go gal!! wink And get a prematch will you? wink

Talking about pscyh IVs, I think I lost my mojo! I havent heard from any programs for over 10days and Puchpal, Long Island Jewish is not responding back to my email for an interview date... so maybe it was a mistake that they sent me one... which makes more sense to me now.
Anyway, should I go back in time with my timemachine to find my mojo?? Is it Dr Evil who has got my mojo?? We'll find out in the next episode smiling face
To be Continued...


i ve got a call from Mt.Sinai/North general, can you imagine that there were no single clue in the e-mail about the name of the program? i had to google the name of the PD to know where i get the IV from wink

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