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 to Mr. Bean and Other Intellectuals  

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puchpal, Hypercube
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hi guys,
the question i have is , that i have discussed with a few people,
and this is not my oppinion, ( bear with me)
if you get calls by nov 1st , its the call which was bagged by ur credentials, but any calls after that , if at all , are because
either you pressed too hard to somehow manage a call by hook or by crook, or other people cancelled thier interviews. and just as we guys fill some places as a back up option , ( where we never want to join)
th pd's and pc's call some of us as a back up ( whom they never want to take )

and i wanted mr beans oppinion on this , and any body and everybody
who has some heresay or other information.

and till what time did u hear people getting calls last year?
or when did u get ur last call



What u state is true to most extent. Having said that….. it does not apply to all programs e.g. programs that review late.
‘Places that call late but might not have intentikons of ranking u’… that may be the case @ the time of call…. Even though an uphill task… ur interview can change there opinion of u.

Edited by mrbean on Nov 04, 2007 - 8:41 AM


Also P
This whole match process is not an exact science. But I agree U & I cannot help it. These thoughts/theories will haunt us till we land a position. We all have worked extremely hard to get to this point.


is it such a boring and
horribly hopeless post (?shockedshocked:eeksmiling face
, that no one even cared to write , "please dont write such things"
i even put an oppinion poll for people who were about to hate it........
but God has his own ways and means ( besides pd's) to insult
lesser mortals like me

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