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 New RR patho vs old RR patho notes  

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I have both new rapid review book and the old notes for Dr Goljian.
as i listen to his audio i found the old notes easier to read and easier to follow his audio.

What do you guys think?? should i keep using the new one or use the old notes? cuz apparently the new book seems like having alot more info/details compare to the old one.

can anyone share any comment on this? thanks smiling facesmiling face


Read RR


I read RR keeping the notes open. The notes definitely was easier to follow with the audio. About halfway through, it was getting too time consuming so I stuck to RR....which I would think is the better bet, cos it has it all. Plus the slides! And Dr. Goljan keeps reiterating that the book is good for step2 CK as well.

I liked the format of RR, especially the li'l blue margin notes....extremely useful.


thank you doctor123 and acintya,

but i think i m still in the transition of adapting his format of RR. I often found it with so much detail (not that is bad) and i often have trouble regurgitating the info, which really piss me off cuz it took a lot time for me to get through certain chapters. sigh..disapprovaldisapproval

after how long (or how many times of reading) do you guys begin to find the RR useful?
confusedraised eyebrow


I know what you mean....there is a lot of info there...I have only looked at it once, along with the yet to learn in attempt to make it stick grin...don't know how it will turn out when I do that rolling eyes

Hopefully repitition and questions should do the trick....

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