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 Interviews and rejections till OCT 20th  

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im starting it for you guys
need every regular ( and irregular smiling face ) member's input

3 i/v's drexel wayne and st louis
1 rej emory
1 hold u louisville
1 application being seriously considered( they asked about my visa preference) at henry ford


4 IV and 4 rejections
IVs: Uni of Marlyand, Cleveland clinic, UIC Chicago, Uni of Minnesota
rejections: Emory, Uni of Massachusetts, Mount Sinai, Wisconsin at Madison


3 IVs at Metropolitan, NY. Farmington, CT. Harlem, NY.
1 in waiting list from Houston at TX
5 rejections from Emory, Waynestate, UTSW, Mayo in MN, Mount sinai.


i d love to hear from metropolitan and harlem smiling face
where are you stars?????????
guys please dot be as slow as psych


I have IV at Elmhurst, Bergen Regional, Trinitas, Lincoln and Metropolitan. Don't know much about Metropolitan at all - only what is on their website. Applied to Harlem, but haven't heard back yet.

Welcome back Monkey Business!!!!


IV,sso far UTMB Galveston, Wayne state , U of Toledo, St Louis, Caritas St Elizabeth, Maine Medical center, Drexel University
On hold U Texas at Houston, UT South western, Washington, Hennepin
Rejections Emory , Colorodo, Vanderbilt, Rush, Austin, Cleveland, Wright state University


cupidpluto you have the record I think. 7 IVs. This proves that having psych experience is more important than scores. Because I have 228 and 238 for step 1 and 2, ECFMG certified, GC holder but only 3 IVs.
good luck and wish you the best.


got iv at st lukes roosevelt, plz mail me at [email protected] . we can have a discussion abt iv preparation.
no call from drexel,metropolitan utmb,galvaston,henryford.


hello everyone
got i/v at mount sianai elmhurst NY, SLU missouri, wayne state DETROIT.
plus many many rejections.
i scheduled all of them in november. does anyone want to prepare for psych i/v's. please let me know. or is there any other thread where i can contact ppl who r interested in preparing for psych i/v's.


Hi friends
I am new to this forum.
I ve got 6 inv till now from Wayne, St. louis, Suny at Buffalo, Ut at houston, Caritas/st.elizabeth(boston), Harvard south shore.
Have any one heard from Creighton/Nebraska prog.


hey! Even I'm new to this forum. ivs-UTMB,WSU,Mayo,Harvard south shore, Caritas St Elizabeth.
rejects-Colorado, Mt sinai, Vermont,UNC
cred- 95/95/ecfmg cert/no usce. step 3 pending.grad 2001.applying only in psych.

Madman, Dr maran
what are your credentials? Are you a GC holder?


two interview..wayne state and case west metro health
two rejections yale and emroy

thats all folks!


nervous wreck
case western is a good program
smiling face
can all you guys wish me luck for the i/v tomorrow at wayne???????


hehe see u thr tomw

good luck 2 us


Good luck Puchpal.


good luck guys!!


cma change this dreadful avtaar of urs?
how was ur interview?
I hope and pray for your success. so you please do it for me

smiling face smiling face smiling face


7 invs now
just got inv from uni of louisville


new IV: Beth Israel, NY
rejection: BU


u louisville is good
i mean one of the better progs

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