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 Step 3-Brooklyn NY-Oct 13 & 16  

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I studied for 4 1/2 months while doing residency application and assisting surgeries.

Used kaplan step 2 ck notes, fa for step 3, kaplan videos for step 3, did uw mcqs and ccs, half of qbook, kaplan qbank 1000 qs, usmlesteps123 for ccs, usmle cd software.

The nigth before the test I slept like a baby, very unusual for me. First day wasn´t that bad, on 2 blocks at the last question I had to pick an answer without reading the actual question, this was because I spent to much time in a couple of questions in which I wasn´t sure about the answer. In another block the time ended and I didn´t answer last 3-4 questions, they were very long. Most of the questions were very similar to the ones on uw or qbank.

On second day, the night before I actually got like 2 hours of sleep, I was tired on test day. 4 blocks of 36 questions, the were very weird, kind of confusing, have to apply your criteria, they were not on uw or kaplan, they were very long, in 2 blocks had to select last 2 answers without reading the question.
CCS was ok I think. 1st case I was kind of cold with the software and while I was typing the final diagnosis the case ended, couldn´t finish typing, 7 cases finished early and patient got better, in 1 patient I forgot to order tylenol and he had fever. 1 case I totally messed up in almost everything, ordering test, sequencing, diagnosis, the guy had ascities, pleural effusion, other labs and imaging studies were fine, I think I got lost and had no idea what to do towards the end of the case.

I suggest you do qs under time and practice a lot of cases on usmle cd if u don´t have much clinical experience.

I think there is a big chance I don´t pass...., praying a lot and trying to stay positive...

Hope it helps, if I can be of help in any other way, please let me know.


thank you for posting your exam experience!

do you advice doing the usmlesteps123?

did you use swansons for any topics?also what was your score on the nbme?

thanks again.good luck for the match!nod


Yes I recommend steps123, they´re good to get an idea of how to proceed on ccs cases and also good for rapid review...., eventhough uw it´s more complete..., I didn´t use swansons at all...

usmle cd 77%

Good luck to you aimfor07smiling face


am sure u r going to do well,
keep praying,for all of us too.


Thank you smal..., I´ll be praying for you guys..., on what date do you take the test?...


Good luck for your score


mine is on 3&5th nov,10 days more.


Thanks Robinsmiling face

Smal, I´ll have you in my thougths and prayers those 2 dayssmiling face


Good luck dear gomez! you'll do great I am sure!! nod


thats sweet,thanks


Thanks dear Glosmiling face

Your welcome smalsmiling face


hi egomez ...i too had a similar experience in the exam.day2 qs were short but weird and messed up few ccs cases.I had my exam a week earlier.when do u expect the rresults to be out.Lets all hope and pray that all of us pass the exam.All the best.


Thank you for such a useful exam experience. This really helps. You will do really well. Good luck to you.


Good luck dregomez....You will be fine!!!


gv5, yes it was a similar experience..., I expect results around 1st week of november..., yours should be reported towards last days on oct, right?..., maybe sooner...


Thanks medocuk..., all the best to you too...


Thanks sprintsmiling face


Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. Good luck for score & match


hey egomez
u will definitely make it!
good luck for match!!


Thanks move along and kitysmiling face, I hope so...

All the best for you guysnod

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