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 less than 2 weeks left :eeks:  

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I got a very short 2 weeks left until my test date.
I have done kaplan, uw, a few robbins questions, kaplan qbook, a little from buzzwords.

I was just wondering if anyone thought Tommy's HY facts were worth going over? I havent heard much people talk about it on this site. So just wondering, what do u guys think about it? should i bother going through it cuz its about 645 pages long.

Right now Im reviewing my FA. Hopefully i'll get done before the 2 weeks is up and maybe i'll round up some questions from here and there to fill in the time (a day or two) i have left.

Any input?


NO IDEA. best of luck. stay cool .


Im trying, motivation confused


I'm not familiar with it so I don't know how useful it will be. However if I were in your shoes, I would concentrate on FA during this period.


Did you do Goljan's HY? I think with 2 weeks left you should be focusing on FA, and drilling out your weak areas, if you have any, by doing questions. You should also take NBME tests, the ones you pay for, if you can, because they can be and have been good predictors of scores. Best of Lucks to you!nod


Oh and Tommy's HY is EXTREMELY LOOOOOONG list of precisely HY facts...But you may already know all of these facts, just from other sources...I have not seen a lot of people saying they read Tommy's HY during their preparation....


Thanks GMOB , Im mostly focusing on FA now , i have skimmed through tommys high yeild and mostly everything is in fa, so its like more repitition.


Hey best of luck on your d day all i can say is do alot of questions doing new material now is too late it might be time consuming on precious time you need good luck just stay positive nod


thanks cleopatra i agree with u

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