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 homer wright rosettes  

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suggests which disease?


Neuroblastoma VS Homer wright' pseudo ' rosettes in ewings sarcoma ...could u plz tell me the diff. between the 1st one and the pseudo one?




I am not 100% sure of the answer, but I tried to figure it out. I found this on the web: "Homer Wright rosettes, typically found in neuroblastomas and consisting of neoplastic cells surrounding an eosinophilic fibrillary centre without a lumen, have been considered as an important finding in the differential diagnosis of small round cell tumours. "

I heard from webprep of kaplan that Homer Wright rosettes can be found on Ewing Sarcoma and the First Aid relates Homer Wright rosettes to Neuroblastoma. I also heard that Medulloblastoma has Homer Wright rosettes too. So I understand this kind of rosettes is just a unspecific finding with some undifferentiated tumors, such as Ewing Sarcoma, Neuroblastoma, and Medulloblastoma. I don't know the diff b/t rosettes and pseudorosettes cuz I saw ppl use them interchangebly. Also, anybody remember what are included in "small blue cell tumor"? I can only think of Medulloblastoma and Ewing now. Not sure of other tumors, though.


also retinoblastoma


Thanks. do you still remember how Kaplan discribe this? I mean the small blue cell tumor. I can't remember where I saw it.



blue cell tumors in ewings sarcoma are described as concentric depostion of reactive periosteal new bone formation ( onion skin appearance)


Hey Check this.


asmi, onion skin appearance in Ewing sarcoma is its X ray presentation. We are talking about it's microscopic appearance here. merjr, I can't open the page. :?:


yes bluestar ,

"onion skin apperance is a X-ray finding . and the histopath findings are small round cells with hyperchromatic nuclei and increased nuclear/cytoplasmic ratio...

:arrow: .collectively known as small blue cell tumors.
:arrow: examples :ewings , neuroblastoma ,lymphoma and small cell carcinoma of lung .


Thanks, asmi, for refreshing my memory of the small blue cell tumor. btw, where did you see the definition? from kaplan? isn't retinoblastoma and medullolastoma also included in it?


:arrow: in retinoblastoma..they describe flexner wintersteiner rosettes ( of neuroepithelial cells)

:arrow: in neuroblastoma..homer wright pseudorosettes are described as circles of tumor cells with central young nerve fibers.


Thanks. do we differentiate b/t rosette and pseudorosette here?


yep they also gave retinoblastoma and medulloblastoma as examples for homer-wright rosettes.

i read it from kaplan smiling face


"bluestar" wrote:
Thanks. do we differentiate b/t rosette and pseudorosette here?

Thats a good Q.......but how do we :?:


I can't seem to find the exact question # that blue small cell tumor is covered in kaplan's Qbank. If you also read from Qbank, could you please tell me the # so that I can find it back? thanks. I have no idea about the "pseudo-" now. let's see if others have any input for this.


blueastar i have just read all about it from kaplan Q bank online 8) ..they gave a nice picture for ewings sarcoma


Oh! you just paid for the 1 month membership? Is this the first time you did the Qbank questions? Then what other questions/excercises have you done and you recommend highly, if I may ask? :P


Actually i read about them before but to differentiate in between them...yes now iam able to get a clear picture..

I took Q bank online 1 month........its very good :idea:

apart from that i recommend goljan review +NMS+BSS

What about you ,if i may ask :P


what is BSS? I only have NMS and Goljan's high yield 36pages, 44 pages and 100pages. Would that be enough? Up till now, I've only done Qbank, which everybody says is very close to the real exam so I may just focus on it for a while then I'll see to other sourses if I still have time. :P btw, did you save the picture of Ewing sarcoma? can I take a look(please send to my email)?

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