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 Bassett NY  

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Please inform me.
Anybody hear from Bassett Health Care,NY?
I would like to be called by this program.


Total program size

Yr1: 13

Yr2: 10

Yr3: 8

This seems to be pyramidal program

I did not apply to this


pls what does pyramidal program mean?thanks


kykie wrote:
pls what does pyramidal program mean?thanks

It means that a number of residents dets accepted for PGY-1. Then each year people get fired(kicked out) based upon a bad evaluation, bad report, lower scores on the in-service exams... The program lets only the best graduate. It used to be very common thing, but then programs went away from this system because they noticed it's very contraproductive - residents back stabbing each other and not helping each other, gossiping...

Personally, I would not want to be a part of this kind of game...disapproval


Wow,thanks alot, thats really good info.
Such programs should definately b avoided


What are the other such pyramidal programs? Any information?


well i guess we can get a general idea by looking at the frieda online website and the number of residents in each yr[i.e does it progressively decrease]


however the number in the first year can be different from the number in the second and third due to prelim positions...
compare second and third to determine a possible "pyrimidal system"...

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