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 -ve & +ve strand DNA in virus  

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i don't know is this a high yield or just waste of time

but in kaplan microbiology they say in DNA virus:-
negative strand viral DNA serves as a template to make mRNA

and while reading in clinical microbiology made ridiculously simple edition 3 they say :-
the +ve stranded DNA is used as a template for transcription into mRNA

so a Q which one is the coding strand and which one is the template in a DNA virus ? +ve or -ve strand

and has anyone read a Q about this or it is irrelevant for the boards?raised eyebrow

for RNA virus it is so simple and high yield
+ve strand RNA can act as mRNA and so it is analogus to coding strand
-ve strand RNA make a complementary and antiparallel +ve strand RNA which can be used as a mRNA so -ve strand is analogus to template )

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Hope this helps u


thnx good link
but i couldnt see the answer anyway


Negative strand serves as the template of mRNA. "As in DNA replication, transcription proceeds in the 5' → 3' direction. The DNA template strand is read 3' → 5' by RNA polymerase and the new RNA strand is synthesized in the 5'→ 3' direction. RNA polymerase binds to the 3' end of a promoter on the DNA template strand and travels toward the 5' end. " Adopted from

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