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 HEP B  

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What is the mechanism of cell injury in Hep B infection?




agree. . as is the case with many viral diseases.


I dont think so...maybe I am wrong, but I thought it was CD8 mediated cytotoxicity.


CD8+ T cell mediated cytotoxicity of Hep. cells infected with the virus and thus present the Ag


Thank u


hmm... is that something we can only keep in mind or we can assort it to something common? I don't agree with the study mothod of merely "memorizing", but would rather find some logic in the truth that we can deduct. Any idea in this case why it's CD8 cytotoxicity vs apoptosis?


how do CD 8 cells kill?
1) perforin granzyme dependent killing
here, perforin punctures hole and granzyme goes into cells, which then activate apoptosis pathway.

2) Fas-Fas ligand dependent killing
which also activate apoptosis pathway.

thus, i don't think CD 8 cell mediated cytotoxicity and apoptosis are mutually exclusive.


Info from internet source:

the host immune system attacks the HBV and causes liver injury. Activated CD4+ and CD8+ lymphocytes recognize various HBV-derived peptides located on the surface of the hepatocytes, and an immunologic reaction occurs. Impaired immune reactions (eg, cytokine release, antibody production) or relatively tolerant immune status results in chronic hepatitis. In particular, a restricted T cell–mediated lymphocytic response occurs against the HBV-infected hepatocytes.


Thank you very much, usmle4me and dyk33!


"Bela" wrote:
What is the mechanism of cell injury in Hep B infection?

i got this question almost word for word during the exam.

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