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 Duchene's Muscular Dystrophy  

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If a girl is diagnosed with Duchene's, how do you think she got it?


unfavourable lyonization smiling face


"usmleasr" wrote:
unfavourable lyonization smiling face

can you explain what is it ?


duchene is a X-linked disorder women are not affected normally...becos they have one normal X and 50 % maternal are inactivated at random...but it may happen in such a way most of normal X chromosomes are converted to barr body...(unfavourable lyonization..) in which case the female may express the disorder.. 8)


thanks usmleasr..



It seems rare cases of DMD in females are caused by X-chromosome autosome translocation ..resulting in disruption of dystrophin rise to female who is heterozygous for DMD gene but phenotypically express the disease ....??

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