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 gastrochisis vs umbilical hernia  

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differentiate both ?


umbilical hernia=omphalocel?
gastroshisis :oops:


gastroschisis is defect in abdominal wall.(intestines are seen ).umbilical hernia is due to weakness in abdominal wall.


YEP GASTROCHEISIS sticking out tonguerotrusion of abd. contents from a defect in abd wall.

FAILURE of lateral abdominal plates to fuse .

and umbilical hernia is also a defect in abd wall ...but there will be a covering of skin and subcutaneous tissue over the protruded contents .


Hmmm, I see crista's point about omphalocele....

Omphalocele-->defect in the abdominal wall where there is a big hole in abdomen (usually midline) and you can see the intestines but they are covered with a layer of peritoneum. For this, check the picture section in first aid....they show a pretty cool case.

Gastroschisis-->It's the same thing as above, only that the intestines are not covered by peritoneum (they're out in the open) and this abnormality is not in midline.

Umbilical hernia-->Yes, it's weakness in the abd wall but you don't see anything. It's just that anytime the kid cries, you'll notice a bulge where the umbilicus is due to straining. But it's not painful and usually the defect closes in time. It's asymptomatic. Sx is not recommended unless it's severe.

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