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 ? GERD  

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I didnot knew that a 6 month old can have GERDshocked
Or am I to slow?
the second question is retorical.
Anyhow is that suppose to be something I knew and I need to know?

and what about zwelenger syndrome? is that HY?


yes babies that young can have gerd usually 2ry to hiatus hernia and i have not heard of syndrome u hv mentioned...


yes babies and children can have GERD. It was discussed many times in my peds/NICU rotation. pH monitor children that can tolerate it before meds. i am drawing a blank on the treatment for the newborns/NICU. but then again i remember thinking that the people that were most worried about gerd in a newborn/nicu pt were not parents themselves.


Neither did I till my baby started throwing up within weeks of being home!!!!!!!!!!shockedrolling eyesmad
He was put on meds though now he'll be 3 soon, i stil feel he has discomfort sometime. And we had to make him sleep as 45 degree to avoid aspiration........imagine how that poor baby slept.

Anyway, yes u sud know THAT syndrome!!!!!!!!!nod


Thanks for the input.
I think that could be a point less for me because I do not habe any kids, so I do not have that experience.

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