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what are the ECG changes in atrial fibrillation ?


1.P wave not recognizable....
2.irregular R-R interval


correct smiling face

you know everything...


What is the ECG change expected in Hypocalcemia?


prolonged QT interval


what about hypercalcemia ,hyperkalemia ,hypokalemia ?


Hypercalcemia---- short QT interval
Hyperkalemia---- T wave elevation
Hypokalemia----- T wave depression


thanks gul !

Can you give me the normal values for QT interval, ST segment .

I remember PR interval is 200 msec /0.021 .Is it right :roll: ?


QT interval as far as i can remember is 0.42 sec ( i remember it cuz its a big value as compared to the others smiling face but unfortunately at this time , dont remember about the ST segment , ummm will look into it for sure :oops:

about the PR interval , yes its 120-210 msec

QRS 0.09 sec

others P wave 0.1 sec

Do correct me if my memory is deceiving me , thank u

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